#Winesday: National Popcorn Day Perfect Pairings

National Popcorn Day is January 19th! With sub-zero temps sweeping the states, consider this your perfect excuse for staying indoors and catching up on your favorite series (while celebrating a national holiday, of course).

Grab the remote, settle in, and add these wine + popcorn pairings to your culinary bucket list:

The classics:

Buttered Popcorn + Oaked Chardonnay

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. If you’re indulging in a buttery snack, find a wine that matches it’s richness and flavor! Oaky Chardonnays are fuller in body and often have soft notes of butter, cream or vanilla.

Cheese Popcorn + Cabernet Sauvignon

You know how a slice of sharp cheddar with a sip of bold Cabernet can make you stop in your tracks and reflect on how thankful you are to exist in a world that contains this delicious of a pairing? Cheese, meet popcorn. Popcorn, meet Cab.

Kettle Corn + Riesling

The salty + sweet flavor combo truly can’t be beat, unless you add a semi-sweet wine into the mix. With a range of aromas from __ to __ to __, Riesling paired with kettle corn is a match made in snacking heaven.

The sophisticates:

Truffle Popcorn + Pinot Noir

Savory, umami flavors are some of the greatest gifts to wine, as they enhance fruitiness and compliment earthiness. Pinots are ripe with red fruit flavors and usually give off aromas of mushroom or earth. Talk about an ideal match for anything involving truffles.

Parmesan Rosemary Popcorn + Carignan

This sophisticated combo gives a nod to the “what grows together goes together” sentiment in the wine and food pairing world. A complex, Old World red coupled with a firm, Old World cheese is one of our absolute faves.

Lavender Vanilla Popcorn + Rosé

A popcorn this classy deserves a wine to match. The snack itself is warmly floral, semi-sweet, and can even be savory when topped with sea salt. Pairing it with a quality rosé that also has a wide range of flavors is always the way to go.

The obscure:

Zebra Popcorn + Zinfandel

Caramel corn, drizzled in white chocolate, topped with dark chocolate. For a treat this sweet, you’ll need a wine that’s daring enough to stand up to the snack. Zinfandel is known for its intensely jammy, ripe fruit flavors, and the cocoa notes in the wine will compliment the dark chocolate on the popcorn.

Chili Lime Popcorn + Moscato

Hear us out on this one. When eating spicy food, you should always reach for a wine that will help cool the burn, rather than intensifying it. Instead of choosing a spicy, tannic red that’ll turn up the heat, pick a sweet, citrusy white to keep your snack game strong!

Bacon Popcorn + Syrah

Yes, this is a thing that exists. While you might finish the bowl before you can even open a bottle, one wine has the ability to take this already insane snack to the next level: Syrah. With notes of smoke and spice, bacon has finally met its match. Fun fact – you may even notice that some Syrahs have bacon or bacon fat as flavor descriptors on their labels! (No actual meat is added to the vino,  just a little extra love.)


Cheers and happy snacking!

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