Wine Spotlight: Dreamlet Wines

Dreamlet wines

You may have experienced Dreamlet before, but you’ve never experienced Dreamlet like this. These California wines are exploding with flavor and taste sensations, but we’ve also added a new bottling technique that brings a little bit of bubble to the equation. 

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Far-out California wines 

Dreamlet wines will have you California (fever) dreaming of intense, vivid flavors, taking your taste buds on a mind-bending trip of kaleidoscopic flavor.

Dreamlet Riesling 

Our new Riesling is beautifully balanced, with notes of peach, pear, and apricot and a bit of effervescence. Though not quite a sparkling wine, its slight fizz is reminiscent of the carbonation you’d find in sparkling wine.

How does this carbonation affect or enhance the taste of the wine? This bit of bubbly gives the wine a slightly thicker mouthfeel and further accentuates the flavor profile. For sweeter wines like our Dreamlet Riesling, the spritz balances the sweetness level and prevents what those in the wine industry like to call cloying (excessive sweetness.) 

On top of all that, the bubbly adds a lot to the sipping experience. You didn’t hear this from us, but the alcohol is actually absorbed into your body faster and gives you a quicker buzz. 

The science behind effervescence 

Like any fluid, wine absorbs and holds dissolved gasses when it’s cold. In this case, we’re talking CO2. This kind of effervescence is achieved during the bottling step in the winemaking process. Winemakers chill the wine to a lower temperature than one normally would when bottling. They do this using either a sparging stone or dry ice, keeping the temperature up throughout the bottling process to maintain levels of CO2. 

Don’t forget to serve your Dreamlet Riesling well chilled to prevent the dissolved CO2 from dissipating. This will give you the full effervescence experience!

In Vino Finito 

With crisp, bright flavors and a buzz of bubbles, we’re dubbing Dreamlet the wine of the summer. Get your hands on a bottle by emailing our Concierge team and requesting Dreamlet in your next box. 



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