#Winesday: 6 Wines You Should Drink with These Hair-Raising Horror Films

Finally, the month of October has creeped its way back upon us. The leaves are changing colors and pumpkins carved by wholesome families are littering the lawns of cookie-cutter neighborhoods. Most importantly, introverts are finally at peace, resting comfortably, bundled in blanket burritos rather than wallowing in sweat-drenched clothes from the humid summer months. The pure bliss doesn’t stop there. This is prime scary movie time, friends, and we have the perfect wines to pair with your spooky flicks to make your experience that much better.

The BirdsLa Cueca Merlot

This Alfred Hitchcock film is one that will leave you fearful of flying creatures after just one watch. Since Merlot means “little blackbird” in french, this pairing is a must. Sip on this classic wine while watching this classic horror flick that doesn’t bank on cheesy jump scares to spook you. This movie will spark your newest fear of getting your eyes plucked out by birds, so take in the color of that beautiful, deep ruby merlot while you still can!

Hobo with a ShotgunAcopio Tempranillo

A city of prevalent crime. A hobo vigilante whose dream in life was to simply own a lawnmower. An important decision to make. Will this homeless hero purchase the lawnmower of his dreams? Or a shotgun that will contribute to saving the lives falling victim to destruction? Allow us to introduce you to one of our top three favorite scary movies of all time. This is a film of ups and downs. Moments of terrifying gore juxtaposed with sweet, tender instances of the lead character falling in love…this is only one small tidbit of the hysteria that is Hobo with a Shotgun. It’s a given that with a roller coaster of a film like this one, you’ll want a wine that will make you feel grounded, like a Tempranillo. With the saturated color and flashing lights throughout the film, an earthy red wine is what you’ll be needing to calm your over-stimulated senses.

The Exorcist Porta d’Oro Sauvignon Blanc

Similar to Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist, there’s nothing sweet about a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The lime, bell pepper, jalapeno, and lemongrass flavors of this wine are as green as young Regan’s vomit in the midst of her attempted exorcism. Sipping on a glass of this herbaceous wine throughout the movie will reduce your uneasiness during even the most intense scenes (think: levitation, a creepy possessed child shouting obscenities at her own mother, etc.).

The ShiningObscura Petit Sirah

The Shining is arguably one of the best films, both horror and not, of all time. There are hundreds of fan theories about the meaning of the film, including an entire documentary about said interpretations. You can’t pair just any old wine with this film. You need a wine with as big of an impact as Stanley Kubrick’s one of a kind creation. This is where Petit Sirah comes in. This red wine is bold and rich in flavor, with layers of complexity that could represent Kubrick’s dark, creative mind. Remember the iconic shot of blood rushing out of the elevator and into the hotel hallway? We’ve found that pretending that the blood is actually wine turns that fearful scene into a fantasy. Anything to help get us through a pretty twisted movie.

28 Days LaterForty Winks Chenin Blanc

This film is another one that falls under the category of all-time faves. It’s a movie that gets under your skin, dragging out any anxiety you have for the entire hour and 53 minutes. The story has your adrenaline pumping as the protagonist and group of disease-free survivalists attempt to escape their city of infected beings. Each scene cuts quickly and uses dramatic lighting to set a terrifying tone. Grab a glass of Chenin Blanc, because that’s, we guarantee, the only thing closely resembling sunshine and flowers you’ll get to experience while watching this movie. You’re going to need it.

Nightmare Before Christmas Burrasca Moscato

For those of you who can’t handle possession, gore or mind altering hotels, watching Nightmare Before Christmas with a glass of Moscato in hand is the Halloween pairing for you. This film incorporates all things spooky with song and dance, no need to shield your eyes throughout the entire movie. Moscato is one of the easiest wines to drink, so it pairs wonderfully with this easy-going “thriller.” The sweetness of the wine even goes well with the candy you steal from your child, younger sibling or annoying kid neighbor. Just something to keep in mind.

There you have it, a quick list of movie and wine pairings to prepare you for a spook-tacular Halloween. So go get into your blanket burritos, little winos. Venture into your own pairings, if you dare! We guarantee any thriller will be that much better with a glass of vino.



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