Which Wine Are You Based on Your Favorite Summer Activity?

Which wine you should drink based on your favorite summer activity

What you love to do in the summertime says a lot about your personality. Are you an avid traveler or are you more inclined to string your hammock up at the park?

Much like people, wines have personality too. Which wine are you based on your favorite summer activity? Keep reading to find out!

Camping, hiking, or chilling in a hammock

You’re Sauvignon Blanc. You enjoy the outside air and Sauv Blanc’s herbaceous, green nature notes. 

Spending the day at the beach

You’re Assyrktinko, a Greek wine with notes of lemon, lime, honeysuckle, and that sweet sweet saline you love so much. 


You’re Beaujolais. Made from Gamay grapes, this light-bodied red shows notes of pomegranate, banana, and potting soil. 

Chilling by the pool 

You’re Rosé – the classic summer sipper. Need we say more?

Hosting friends for a backyard wine night 

You’re sparkling wine. Your effervescence is felt by everyone around you!

Grilling out 

You’re Zinfandel. Known for its jammy fruit and smoky, exotic spice notes, Zin goes well with anything off the grill. 


You’re Pinot Grigio, a refreshing, easy-to-sip wine that’s perfect after a long day on the trails. 


You’re Albariño. If summer travel is always on your mind, you’ll love this light zippy wine from the Iberian Peninsula.

Jam out to our Summer Wine Spotify playlist 

In Vino Finito

Did we miss your favorite sunny day activity? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll pair you with the perfect wine!

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