Which Wine Matches Your Relationship?

You really do love the wine you’re with, but which wine matches your relationship?

The Party People: Sparkling Wine

Like sparkling wine itself, your relationship with your better half calls for a celebration. Sparkling wine is synonymous with parties and celebrations, and these happen to be your two favorite things to attend as a couple. This drink is bubbly and light- and so are you and your love!

The Trendy Twosome: Rosé

You and your partner are up on all the trends. Your last date night was at the new artisanal toast restaurant, and you two saw that Kim K photo before it even had time to “break the internet.” Rosé is the perfect wine for you and your mate. It’s this year’s trendiest wine and has an awesomely fresh taste. In other words, now you can drink fresh while you and your boo keep it fresh.

The Down-to-Earth Duo: Cabernet Sauvignon

You’re known for being laid-back and loyal. Your relationship with your partner is genuine and down-to-earth, just like the characteristics in Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab’s bell pepper, green olive, herb, and black cherry flavors are the perfect mix of bold and earthy. Usually, Cabernet-drinkers drink exclusively Cab, and are almost as loyal to the wine as you are to your special someone!

The Sweet Soul Mates: Riesling

You two spend your weekends helping the elderly cross the street and rescuing baby animals. Friends describe you and your significant other as sweet and sincere. While Riesling is sweet, it is also very complex. Riesling grapes are grown best in rocky soil, and absorb a great deal from their environment. You and your sweetie have been through some rocky times, but you come out of them sweeter than ever.

The Bohemian Baes: Zinfandel

You were taking pics of your acai smoothie bowl before Instagram even existed. And your s/o was wearing Star Wars shirts long before it was considered ironic. Zinfandel is the perfect match for you and your hipster honey. An unlikely choice, but that’s why it fits you so well. Zinfandel is one of the oldest, if not the oldest grape variety in California (but you were drinking it before it was cool). Zinfandel has a sweet, jammy taste with a smoky finish; an unlikely, underrated combination.

The Mysterious Missus/Mister: Pinot Noir

Not sure if your partner is ready to take the plunge just yet? Pinot understands. Its notes of cherry, tea-leaf, cola, and get this: barnyard (no, seriously), keep things just as mysterious as the object of your affection. Proceed with caution, however, because pinot is known as “the heartbreak grape” for its susceptibility to vineyard disasters.



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