What’s the First Wine Trip You Want to Take?

If you could go anywhere to experience the wine culture, where would you go? 

We asked our Bright Cellars’ audience, “what’s the next wine trip you’d like to take?” and the results are all over the board. 


  • 28.8% of respondents want to go on a wine adventure abroad 
  • 28.5% of respondents said they’d like to take a trip to their local winery
  • 23.9% of respondents prefer a California wine tour 
  • 18.8% of respondents are happy with a trip to their backyard with friends and lots of wine 

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community and got some enlightening responses: 

  • All of the above!
  • Definitely Italy 
  • I desperately need a trip to the Central Coast of California ????
  • A mix between day tripping and California… I’d love to spend a weekend in Temecula, CA! 

Make the Wine Trip Happen

We may not be able to travel abroad, but we can (safely) explore our own wine country here in the U.S. Here are the best scenic U.S. wine destinations to visit this summer!

While not all wine trips are possible at the moment, you can always recreate the vibe from the comfort of your own home! We’re sharing how to recreate a Parisian wine vacation at home. Do you prefer the call of Catalunya, Spain? Check out how to recreate a Barcelona wine trip

Oh, and we always recommend a quick trip to the backyard with your favorite bottle and some friends! 


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