THIS is How You Correctly Open a Bottle of Wine

how to open a bottle of wine

Let’s say you’re with a small group of friends and you bring over a bottle of wine. Seems harmless. Until you forget your favorite bottle opener and all your friend has is a waiter’s corkscrew. You think to yourself, “nah, this wine isn’t worth the embarrassment.” We get it. But THIS is how you correctly open a bottle of wine so you’ll never be in that situation again.

You do not need to be a professionally trained wine expert or magician to use a waiter’s corkscrew! They are actually very simple to use once you get the technique down. And no other wine tool will get the job done right like a waiter’s corkscrew. 

how to open a bottle of wine

How to Open a Bottle of Wine With a Waiter’s Corkscrew

Step 1:

  • Hold the bottle on the counter, table, etc. 
  • Just make sure it isn’t slippery. You want the bottle to remain in one place.

Step 2:

  • On the waiter’s corkscrew there should be a small blade 
  • Flip open this blade and place it under the bottom lip of the wine bottle
  • Start cutting the foil off of the bottle. (Note: watch your fingers! The blade and foil can be sharp.)
  • After cutting off the foil, throw it away & close the blade.

Step 3:

  • Flip open the screwcork and place the tip of the screw into the center of the cork. 
  • Placement of the screw is very important. If you go too far over you could break your cork before getting it out of the bottle. (Which is NO fun!)

Step 4:

  • Screw into the cork until only one of the “screws” remains. It is about 6.5 turns!
  • Don’t put the screw all the way in! This can cause the cork to again break and parts to fall into your wine. Or make it harder to get the cork out. 

Step 5: 

  • Place one hand on the side of the bottle holding the corkscrew. Then put the first “step” of the lever onto the rim of the bottle. 
  • Slowly pull up on the corkscrew.
  • After about half of the cork is out, start to use the second “step” on the lever.
  • By this time the cork should be mostly out and you can give it a slight tug and TA-DA! 

Step 6:

  • Pour yourself a glass for all the hard work you just put in! You deserve it!

Drop of Knowledge

This isn’t something you may get on the first try. Or even the second. But don’t get yourself down! 

Opening a wine bottle the correct way can ensure that your cork won’t break. Or that pieces of the cork don’t fall into your wine. Gross. 

Also, don’t think you need some state-of-the-art wine opener. The less expensive waiter’s corkscrew will get the job done too! 

If you’re a wine newbie, there may be some other tools you want to think about getting as well. Things like a wine rack – so your wine is stored correctly. Or even a decanter for those red wines that need some air before you drink them. 

But don’t think you need everything – just what suits you and your wine tastes!

In Vino Finito

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