The ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Pie and Wine Pairings

thanksgiving pie and wine pairings

5 Thanksgiving Pie and Wine Pairings

Some may argue that the Thanksgiving pie is the most important part of the meal. And well, we don’t disagree! Spice up your dessert this Turkey Day with these 5 Thanksgiving pie and wine pairings. 

Indulging in the desserts is part of the Thanksgiving tradition…and fun! Whether you’re a die-hard apple dessert fan or if anything pumpkin is your go-to, these wines are sure to elevate your Turkey Day dessert. 

Quick Drop of Knowledge

Your Thanksgiving pie or dessert traditions may be different! Our best suggestion is to find a wine that complements the specific flavors in your dessert. If your dessert is more spice driven than find a wine that has those similar baking spice qualities.  

Likewise if the dessert is super sweet – a bubbly and/or sweet wine is a great way to go. 

There are also wines that are versatile! These wines are great for every part of your Thanksgiving meal – appetizer to dessert & everything in between. 

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5 Thanksgiving Pie and Wine Pairings

thanksgiving cherry pie and wine pairings

1. Cherry Pie

Cherry pie is equally tart as it is sweet! 

The flavors of cherry and almond in this pie go perfect with a glass of Zinfandel. Zin is known for its fruit-forward and jammy flavors. 

Cabin 5 Zinfandel
Bright Cellars’ Cabin 5 Zinfandel

Bright Cellars’ Cabin 5 Zinfandel has flavor notes of rich strawberry jam that contrast with the notes of freshly cracked black pepper. Along with these bold flavors you’ll find pomegranate and raspberry. The ripe fruit flavors will go perfectly with the cherry flavors in your pie.

This vino’s velvety texture with silky tannins will harmonize with the buttery crust and tart cherries in the pie. 

pumpkin pie and wine pairings

2. Pumpkin Pie

The ultimate Thanksgiving pie go-to!

The flavors of pumpkin, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger in pumpkin pie will go great with a light-bodied spice driven wine. Cue Pinot Noir. 

Silverscape Pinot Noir
Bright Cellars’ Silverscape Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a light-bodied red that is always a crowd pleaser. The Silverscape Pinot Noir from Bright Cellars features aromas of earth and baking spices that carry over to the palate. The wine has dominant fruit flavors alongside the light body and zippy acidity. 

Pinot Noir is known for its versatility – try this wine throughout your Thanksgiving feast! 

pecan pie and riesling

3. Pecan Pie

Whether you pronounce it pe-CON or pe-CAN, this Thanksgiving dessert is best paired with a glass of Riesling. 

Riesling is a varietal that doesn’t get the love it deserves. This white wine can be sweet or dry – it all depends on the winemaker’s preference!

Glasioluis Riesling
Bright Cellars’ Gladioluis Riesling

For this pairing we’re going with the semi-sweet Gladiolus Riesling. This wine’s sweetness is perfectly balanced by its racy acidity. The flavor notes of tangerine, lime, and peach dance on the palate alongside aromatic floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. 

thanksgiving pie and wine pairings

5. Apple Pie

Another crowd favorite! 

Gewurztraminer is often the go-to for apple pie pairings. The wine’s flavors of honey and tropical fruits play off the spice and apples in the pie. But we want to switch it up. 

folk and fable red blend
Bright Cellars’ Folk and Fable Red Blend

This year go with the Folk and Fable Red Blend. This red wine is aged for three months in Bourbon barrels, giving it unique flavors on the nose and palate. 

You’ll taste raspberry, blackberry, vanilla, and smoke with every sip. The baking spice notes of  vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove on the nose and ripe fruit flavors will be in sync with a spice driven apple pie. 

thanksgiving pie and wine pairings

5. Lemon Meringue

Lemon meringue features a tart lemon curd with a whipped and creamy meringue topping!

This tart, yet sweet, dessert goes great with a glass of unoaked Chardonnay. An unoaked Chard has bright and tropical flavors notes that will complement the dominant tart lemon flavors in the pie. 

humdrum chardonnay
Bright Cellers’ Humdrum Chardonnay

We suggest the Humdrum Chardonnay. This is the perfect example of a California Chardonnay. The wine is weighty on the palate, with strong flavor notes of yellow apple, lemon, mango, and coconut. 

The tropical fruit and bright citrus flavors make this wine rich and opulent in texture. These qualities will go perfectly with the lemon meringue pie. 

In Vino Finito

What’s your favorite holiday season dessert? Let us know in the comments!

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