The Best Father’s Day Wines Based on Dad’s Personality

Father's Day Wine - Deep-thinking Dad reading a book in his library

Dads: The true superheroes! There are many different types of dads out there, just like there are many different wines. Keep scrolling to find the perfect Father’s Day wine for your dad based on his personality!

Father's Day Wine: Old-fashioned Dad reading to his daughter

Old-fashioned Dad

This kind of dad cannot seem to understand technology whatsoever and before he reads a text he has to get his glasses. But no matter what you love him.

The perfect wine for this dad is from the classic Bordeaux region in France. This is an old world wine region and just like your dad, they like to stick to tradition. Reach for a timeless Bordeaux blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc) to match your dad’s traditional personality.

Father's Day Wine - proud dad high-fives his son on the beach at twilight

Overly Proud Dad

This is the dad that would celebrate when you almost hit the ball in little league baseball. They’re your biggest fan – no matter how big or how small the accomplishment is.

The best wine to go with an overly proud dad is a Champagne or sparkling wine. The bubbles from the wine will match perfectly with your dad’s bubbly excitement.

Don’t want just plain champagne? Add a little orange juice!

Father's Day Wine - vintage photo of father lifting weights with his small children

Big-into-Sports Dad

This is the kind of dad who has a subscription to ESPN. You may also catch him rewatching some of his football highlights from high school. But he won’t admit to it. 

The perfect wine for this dad depends on his favorite sport: If he is big into football try out a Syrah/Shiraz or a Malbec! They go great with burger sliders or roasted meats. 

Maybe he is more of a basketball kind of guy! In that case, go with a Red Rhône Blend. This blend goes great with pulled pork sandwiches! 

If he really likes baseball, a crisp white wine would be perfect. Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris are great summer wines. They also go great with outdoor tailgates since it pairs great with brats and hotdogs

Want something a little sweeter? Try out a Moscato!

 Father's Day Wine - Party-on Dad dances in the living room with his daughters

Party-on Dad

The party on dad is the dad who loves to host a fun party! Even if there isn’t really anything that you’re celebrating. 

The perfect wine that goes with this dad is of course, rosé! The wine represents that same fun-loving attitude that your dad has. He is always the life of the party and has a contagious laugh. 

Father's Day Wine - Deep-thinking Dad reading a book in his library

Deep-thinking Dad

This is the kind of dad that is always questioning something. He may be super into history documentaries and/or he loves to sit down on the porch with a good book. 

A Pinot Noir would be the perfect wine for this dad. This wine pairs perfectly with those history documentaries he loves and helps contribute to the profound thought process. 

Father's Day Wine - Charismatic Dad lying on a colorful rug with his two sons

Charismatic Dad

This is the kind of dad that is always there for you when you need him or even when you don’t! No matter what though, you know he has your back.

This super loving father’s personality goes great with a White Zinfandel because it is sweet like him! 

Father's Day Wine - Adventurous Dad rests with his son overlooking Yosemite National Park

Adventurous Dad

This is the kind of dad who can’t wait to retire so he can buy a RV and travel around the United States in it. (We may be speaking from personal experience.)

The best Father’s Day wine for this dad is something that is just as adventurous as he is. For this dad try a glass of Refosco! This is probably a wine you’ve never heard of or tasted, but that is part of the adventure.

In Vino Finito

Every dad is the best kind of dad! Couldn’t find your dad’s personality type? Let us know in the comments and we’ll match you with the best wine pairing. 

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