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Chocolate cake on white plate with red wine on white wood background

Chocolate and Wine Pairing Guide

Pairing chocolate and wine is no easy task! Make sure to use these chocolate and wine pairing tips next time you need a sweet boost with your wine.

Summer red wine – a woman grabs a glass of red wine on the dock while she swims

The 5 Best Red Wines for Summer

Red wine can be enjoyed any time of the year! These 5 summer red wines are great for sipping at backyard BBQs, picnics, or while relaxing on the patio.

How to Remove Pesky Red Wine Stains

Do you have a difficult red wine stain? Here are some easy at-home ways to remove red wine stains from your carpet, clothes, furniture, and more.

#Winesday: Get to know Rosé

You either love it or you hate it (or hate that you love it). Whichever it is, a glass of Rosé is inevitable during these hot summer days, and we’re here to…

What the Colors in Your Wine are Telling You

Red, white, and Rosé. The only colors you really need to know when picking out wine. But what makes some bottles of Rosé a few shades lighter than others? Why are some…

#Winesday: All About Malbec

Happy Wednesday Winos! You made it through half the work week, and that calls for some celebration. We’re kicking off this #Winesday with a personal favorite: Malbec. I feel like Malbec is…
people reaching for three glasses of red wine

What Does Aerating Wine Even Do?

Aerating? Decanting? English, please!! All these wine terms can be hard to keep straight, and even harder to understand. So what does it mean when you aerate your wine? This is basically…

Here’s the Right Way to Hold Your Wine Glass

We’ve all been there. It’s Friday and you’re out to eat with some of your friend’s friends who you’re trying to impress. They’re talking about how culturally aware they are after their…

4 Hacks for Your Leftover Wine

Sometimes we all fail at finishing a bottle of wine. Whether it be the result of an exhausting day, having gone back for seconds at dinner (guilty…), or you simply just can’t…

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Vino?

Sonoma, we have a problem. It’s a tale worse than that of the Bogeyman. It’s been a long day at work; you were late, you fell down the stairs in front of…