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10 Wine Spritzer Recipes for Hard Seltzer Lovers

Hard seltzers are in, but recreating your favorite flavors is easy. Use these 10 wine spritzer recipes next time you’re looking for a low cal drink!

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The French 75

The French 75, or Soixante Quinze if you speak Français, is a classic cocktail dating all the way back to 1927. The recipe for this timeless concoction was first printed during Prohibition,…

4 Laborless drinks for your Labor Day weekend

With Labor Day right around the corner, we’re daydreaming about friends, family, food and (of course) wine. Whether you’re spending your three-day-weekend on a boat, at a backyard BBQ, or just saying…
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What We’re Drinking: The Manische-spritz

The Manische-spritz is the coolest cocktail to shake up your next shabbat. Whether you’re Jewish Orthodox and celebrating a weekly Sabbath, or just seasonally celebrate Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, it’s time to…