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Best wine for seafood – a platter of various seafood is laid out on a white table.

How to Pair Wine with Seafood

The best wine for seafood isn’t always white! Use these guidelines for choosing the perfect wine to complement your favorite seafood.

Best wines to pair with Chinese food: A glass of red wine next to a plate of sesame chicken.

The Best Wines to Pair With Chinese Food

Ordering lots of delivery right now? You’re not alone. Use this list of the best wines to pair with Chinese food to treat yourself and elevate your usual delivery order to something extra special.

3 amazing grape varietals to try if you love Riesling

We’re all about discovering wines off the beaten path, so we love recommending a wine that expands your wine horizons. Everyone from wine beginners to connoisseurs loves a great Riesling. Great Riesling has…