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No Rhyme or Riesling

Some people see the word “Riesling” on a wine list or label and scoff. “Too sweet for my taste,” they say to themselves, as they skim over it in hopes to find…

September Sangria: The Best of Both Seasons

We don’t know how you guys feel about it, but we are often perplexed by the presence of September. Some days are hot enough to keep the air conditioner pumping, yet nighttime…

Simple Syrup Recipe

Not going to lie, most of us in the office thought simple syrup was something you only bought at the store. While it is usually available at your nearest liquor emporium, turns…

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Manischewitz Spritz Recipe

Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with this Manischewitz Spritz recipe! This kosher wine is known for its interesting flavors.