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5 Best White Wines to Drink in Winter

We don’t always associate white wine with wintertime. Why is that? Sort out your wine misconceptions and explore our favorite white wines to drink during the winter months.

What’s the most popular kind of sparkling wine?

What’s the most popular type of bubbly? Let’s face it – buying bubbly can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever stared at the sparkling shelf, tilted your head, and whispered “huh?”…

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Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Party Snacks

Having a get-together this week? Enjoy these 19 party snacks and wine pairings! From savory to spicy to sweet – everyones favorites.

Is Sparkling Wine Just For Special Occasions?

Do People Only Drink Sparkling Wine on Special Occasions?  Answer: not necessarily. Some people may think bubbly is only appropriate for sipping on New Year’s Eve, clinking at a wedding, or spraying…

9 Ways to Pair Holiday Cookies and Wine

Who doesn’t love enjoying a holiday cookie? These 9 holiday cookie and wine pairings will bring your sweets game up a notch!