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The life of a wine grape

Today we’re learning about the life of our tiny friend – the wine grape. These little guys might not have a super long lifespan, but their time here on earth is so valuable for us wine lovers.

Wine Bottles on Rack

There is no black or white, Only shades of Gamay.

The story of Gamay goes to show that, when it comes to wines, you can’t let someone else judge which grapes are “good” or “bad.” In the wine world, there is no…

Grigio vs. Gris: Do you (pi)know the difference?

Similar but not the same, two wines from one grape with a changing name. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio come from the same grape. The grape has a skin that is white,…

The Birds and the Bees

While reading through The Wine Bible (aka what all winos swear by), a wonderful book by Karen MacNeil, we found ourselves fascinated by her excerpt titled “The Sex Life of Wine Grapes.”…