9 Summer Wine Accessories All Beginners Need

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Use These 9 Wine Accessories for Beginners

Wine newbies, let’s talk. When you’re first getting into wine, even picking a bottle can feel like a big decision. Then you find out about all of these gadgets you’re supposed to get, and the whole thing can start to feel a little overwhelming. Use these 9 summer wine accessories for beginners and take one step closer to becoming a wine pro!

As a general rule of thumb, we don’t believe you need a ton of extra stuff in order to enjoy a glass of wine. However, there are some tools that can actually improve the taste of your wine.

Plus, have you checked the weather? The summer heat introduces some unique challenges for wine drinkers. 

The best summer wine tools are designed to make your life easier and keep your vino cool whether you’re at home or on the road

Check out the essential summer wine tools for beginners.

Basic Wine Accessories 

These simple tools help you open your wine and get the most out of it.

1. A Corkscrew

Obviously, a corkscrew is a good thing to have on hand. So, what kind should you get? Sommeliers will tell you that the easiest way to remove a cork – and to get it out in one piece – is with a “waiter’s friend” corkscrew. However, if you’re not up for all that twisting, you can try a fancier corkscrew, like a vertical rabbit. Alternatively, you can keep your cooler stocked with screw top bottles. 

9 wine accessories for beginners - decanter and red wine glass sitting on table

2. Decanter

It’s a good idea to get a decanter so you get in the habit of decanting your wine. Not all wines need to be decanted, but most red wines – particularly budget-friendly red wines – do. The process of decanting introduces some oxygen to wine that’s been stored for a while. This helps to get rid of any weird odors that you may notice, and bring out the aromas that the winemaker intended.

3. Bottle Stoppers

These wine bottle accessories are a must have. While aerating wine initially improves the taste, you want to cut off the supply of O2 when you’re finished drinking for the night to help preserve any leftover wine. You can totally use the original cork to stop a bottle, but let’s be real, accidents can happen and corks sometimes break. A silicone bottle stopper is your friend when such a mishap occurs.

On-The-Go Wine Accessories 

When you bring wine to the beach or to a picnic, these wine accessories will make your life easier so you can sit back and soak up the sun. 

4. Clip-On Wine Glass Holder

Tragically, many built-in cup holders don’t accommodate a wine glass. But this doesn’t mean that you need to hold onto your glass all evening. A clip-on glass holder attaches right to your chair so you can have your hands free.

5. Unbreakable Glasses

When you’re drinking wine outside, your best bet is to bring some glasses that won’t break. There are a ton of options out there, ranging from collapsible wine cups to actual wine glasses with protective silicone padding. Some travel wine glasses even help control the temperature. Pretty cool, huh?

wine accessories for beginners  - wine bag on steps with two bottle of wine

6. Travel Wine Bag

Look, we get it. Sometimes, you want to be discreet when traveling with wine. Thankfully, this awesome beach bag has a hidden refillable wine pouch and spout, so you can leave the glass bottle at home. You could also save a few bucks by just getting the plastic wine bag – reminiscent of the traditional Spanish Bota bag – for vino on-the-go. 

If you’ve got a picnic coming up, you may want something with a little more room for your wine and snacks. These wine-friendly picnic baskets and totes help keep your gear organized. 

Wine Accessories For Hosting

Hosting an outdoor bbq? These items are here to help keep you organized and your vino chilled.

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7. Wine Glass Charms

When you’re standing around with a few people who are all drinking the same Pinot Grigio, it can be hard to remember whose glass is whose. Wine charms are the simple solution to this age-old problem. When you pour your guests a glass of wine, have them choose a unique charm to hang on their glass to avoid confusion. There are a ton of cute options on Etsy.

8. Wine Bottle Chiller

Summer is the season for white wines, crisp rosés, and chillable reds. Naturally, you want to keep your wine anywhere from cool to straight-up cold. 

If you want to encourage your guests to stay in the backyard without having to make multiple trips to the fridge, we recommend an individual wine bottle chiller. This wine bottle accessory allows you to keep your wine at arm’s length – without raising the temperature. 

9. Salt

No, this isn’t the brand name of some fancy wine tool. Simple table salt can be a lifesaver when chilling wine in a cooler. 

Most people think that all you need is a bucket and some ice, and while that’s a good start, here’s a #lifehack: Add cold water to your ice to help fill in the gaps between cubes, and be sure to add a cup of salt for every gallon of water in your ice bucket. Why? Salt lowers the freezing temperature. Did we just blow your mind? 

The best way to make an ice bucket is to stir the salt into the water until it dissolves, and then add ice. Then, drop in your bottles and get ready for a leisurely day filled with cool wine. 

In Vino Finito

Wine accessories don’t have to be expensive to be super effective at keeping both you and your wine chill in the summer. 

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