Sipping Through Spring: Wine Playlist

Spring music playlist with wine

Imagine: You’re sitting on a blanket at the park with sunshine on your face, a good read in one hand, and a glass full of [insert your favorite wine here] in the other. Life is good, and so is the wine. At Bright Cellars, we’re all about good wine vibes, so we take the time to curate wine playlists, just like we curate your personalized wine box each month.

Enjoying our wine playlist? Here are our favorite wine-inspired activities that are practically begging for some mood-setting, montage-worthy jams.

Not sure which wine to try next? Take our quick wine quiz, and get wine recommendations based on your taste preferences!

20 Spring Wine Experiences 

  1. Solo wine tasting 
  2. Patio sipping with friends
  3. Outdoor wine night under the stars
  4. Post-bike ride glass of wine
  5. Afternoon by the pool with a full wine tumbler
  6. Spring cleaning your apartment with a bottle of wine
  7. Cooking a homemade meal with wine
  8. Wine cocktail competition with friends 
  9. Happy hour at your local wine bar
  10. Sipping wine in a hammock
  11. Beach day with travel wine tumblers to keep your wine chilled
  12. Backyard BBQ with a perfectly paired wine
  13. Wine and charcuterie at your local park
  14. A visit to your local winery
  15. Sipping wine at a rooftop bar
  16. Enjoying a celebratory glass of wine after a good hike 
  17. Tending to your herb garden with a glass in hand
  18. Traveling somewhere new and visiting a vineyard
  19. Making a pitcher of spring sangria
  20. Trying a wine you’ve never heard of before

Happy spring sipping! 



Bright Cellars

Our staff is full of passionate wine lovers. With our amazing sommeliers at the helm, we’ve been schooled on all things wine. We came together to write this article, in hopes of spreading a little wine-ducation with you.

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