What is Malbec wine?
7 Things to Know About Malbec Wine

You know about the ever-popular Cabernet Sauvignon, and you probably know a thing or two about Merlot. It’s time we answered the question, “What is Malbec wine like?” After all, every red…

What is a red wine blend?
What Is a Red Blend Wine?

What is a red blend wine and why do winemakers blend wines? We’re explaining the magical process that is blending wine, and we’re sharing famous wine blends you should know.

Colorfast wine
NEW! Colorfast Wine Label Spring Cleaning

In the true spirit of spring cleaning, we’re excited to unveil something we’ve been working on behind the scenes. Introducing our brand new label for our beloved Colorfast wines – a line…

Spring music playlist with wine
Sipping Through Spring: Wine Playlist

Imagine: You’re sitting on a blanket at the park with sunshine on your face, a good read in one hand, and a glass full of [insert your favorite wine here] in the…

Best binge worthy tv shows 2022
Best Binge Worthy Shows & Wine Pairings

We’ve shared binge worthy shows and wine pairings in the past. But now we’re reaching a point where all the binge worthy Netflix shows we watched during quarantine are releasing new seasons. …

How to talk about wine - wine terms for your next dinner party
How to Talk About Wine: Wine Terms to Know

From tannin to terroir, here’s how to talk about wine and the top wine terms to know for your next dinner party. (Trust us, your guests will be impressed.)