Our 5 Favorite Wine Podcasts

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Have you officially binge watched every show multiple times by now in quarantine? Maybe it’s time to switch it up! Wine podcasts aren’t stuffy and boring, there is something for everyone – from experts, to newbies, to those who are true crime obsessed. 

Podcasts are great ways to entertain yourself without having to stare at a screen. Plus, they can be very educational for even a wine expert! Here are our top 5 wine podcasts.

Our Favorite Wine Podcasts

Image Courtesy of Wine for Normal People Podcast

1. Wine for Normal People

This podcast is all about wine for well…normal people. The everyday person who just wants to learn more about wine without all the extra confusion. 

This podcast is hosted by Certified Wine Dork (her words), Elizabeth Schneider and her husband, M.C Ice. Elizabeth’s husband is not a professional when it comes to wine, just a normal person who loves to have a glass or two!

Wine for Normal People is a show for “wine-loving normal people”. The show features ways to educate yourself about wine in a non-snobby way, while also bringing in pop culture references and of course some good humor along the way. The content discussed well…wine, along with interviews with individuals in the wine industry. 

Image Courtesy of Friends of the Vine Podcast

2. Friends of the Vine

This podcast is for those who already have a good understanding of wine!

Each week the Friends of the Vine Podcast talk with different wine experts such as winemakers, wine writers, sommeliers and masters of wine. Every episode has a different unlying theme whether it is about a certain terroir, winery, or other general wine education. 

With each week being a different guest you are constantly learning from different experts in the wine industry! Check this podcast out on any of the major podcast networks. 

Image Courtesy of Blood and Wine Podcast

3. Blood and Wine Podcast

This one is for all those true crime lovers out there!

The Blood and Wine Podcast is hosted by the brother & sister duo Tyler and Brittany, who love to discuss all things true crime while also indulging in some great wines!

Each episode Brittany & Tyler dive into a true crime story along with a featured bottle of wine! Learn about mysterious Hollywood deaths, The Golden State Killer, murders of the 2000s, and much more!

Image courtesy of I’ll Drink to That Podcast

4. I’ll Drink to That! Podcast

Honestly, we will drink to just about anything!

In the I’ll Drink to That! Podcast a former sommelier Levi Dalton, talks with different wine experts about now only wine but also their life around wine. You don’t need to be an expert or a newbie for this podcast. Give this a listen if you have some wine knowledge but want to continue to learn more! 

Image courtesy of Sports and Corks Podcast

5. Sports and Corks Podcast

Move over beer, wine now has a spot at the sports table!

Sports and Corks Podcast is hosted by Emily C & Emily J. The Emily’s have more in common than just their names…they also both LOVE sports and wine! These women both have backgrounds in the sports industry and have a deep rooted love for wine. 

The podcast is more than just sports and wine. They discuss pop culture, dating, and their favorite wine recommendations!

In Vino Finito

Do you have a favorite wine podcast that you like to listen to? Let us know in the comments!

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