Our 11 Favorite Spring Wine Varietals

Happy first day of spring! Now’s the time to emerge from winter hibernation and reach for your favorite springtime wine.

These are the perfect wines to pop open during spring cleaning, bring to that backyard picnic, or sip on your porch as the sun sets (at a reasonable time.. finally!) 

Heck, you can even toss a glass of wine in a tumbler for your daily walk around the block. We’re the last to judge.

With the Spring Equinox approaching, here are the 11 best spring wines, complete with springtime activities to pair with each glass. 

1. Pinot Noir

If you’re a red drinker, we challenge you to try something a little lighter this spring. If you’re more of a white drinker, Pinot Noir is the perfect red to switch things up. 

The world’s most popular light-bodied red, Pinot Noir has a long, smooth finish and notes of cherry, raspberry, and clove. It’s springy, elegant, and very versatile when it comes to pairing with food. 

We recommend our Sophonisba, a balanced Pinot Noir with a powerful story. 

Pairs well with…

Catching up with friends. Spring wine nights crave a lovely Pinot Noir!


2. Grüner Veltliner 

Grüner is known as a lean, herbaceous white wine that’s high in acidity with notes of pepper. It’s a classic palate cleanser that’s incredibly versatile when it comes to pairing with springtime dishes. 

Pairs well with.. 

A picnic in the park with friends. Time to break out that charcuterie board


3. Lambrusco 

If you’re a red drinker, you’ll love this refreshing bubbly red wine. Think of a cross between red and sparkling wine – the hybrid you never knew you needed. At the end of a spring day, this wine perfectly complements most red dishes, from pizza to burgers. 

Pairs well with… 

Drinking on a rooftop with a view of the city. 


4. Gewürztraminer

This aromatic white is one of the first wines to be released in the spring, so you know it’s fresh and you know it’s good. As soon as early March hits, Gewürztraminer starts hitting the shelves. 

This medium-bodied white wine is known for its floral aromas and notes of lychee, rose, grapefruit, and ginger. 

Pair this springtime wine with spice-driven dishes like Thai, Indian, and Arabic cuisine. 

Pairs well with..

Getting take out from your favorite local Thai restaurant and posting up on the couch with Netflix playing. 


5. Orange wine

Let this be the season you give orange wine a try. Now, if you had the slightest thought, “does orange wine come from.. oranges?”, you’d be incorrect, but not in the minority. Many people think orange wine comes from oranges, but it actually gets its unique color from the skins of white grapes. 

Traditionally, white wine is made by separating  the grape skins from the juice prior to fermentation, but when making orange wine, the juice  ferments with the skin, creating an orangey hue that reminds us of a spring sunset. 

Pairs well with…

Watching the sunset from an incredible viewpoint. 


6. Sparkling wine 

You can’t go wrong with a nice glass of bubbles, and while we love classic Champagne, something about a nice glass of Cava or Prosecco signifies the start of spring. If you need a quick refresher on sparkling wine, Cava is the premier sparkling of Spain, while Prosecco hails from Italy. 

Our all time favorite sparkling wine has to be Stigma – an elegant sparkling wine with notes of orchard and citrus fruit abound alongside aromas of toasted almonds and fresh-baked bread.

Pairs well with…

Spring cleaning. Have you ever power-cleaned the house with a bubbly of wine in hand? A nice glass of sparkling will definitely spark joy. 


7. Albariño

This fresh white comes from Spain – specifically from Galicia in the North West – and perfectly pairs with fresh fish. Known for its rich stone fruit flavors, hint of salinity, and zippy acidity, this white wine makes an impression on the palate. 

Pairs well with..

Taco night with a springtime twist. Albariño will take your fish tacos to the next level! 


8. Chablis

Where are our Chardonnay drinkers? This spring, try a leaner version of Chardonnay – Chablis. These wines are generally less oaked, meaning they have less buttery flavors and more notes of quince, starfruit, and lime peel. A refreshing change of pace for our  Chardonnays stans. 

Pairs well with… 

A trip to the beach. Something about Chablis in hand and toes in the sand sounds a match made in springtime. 


9. Sparkling Rosé

While it’s an easy get for spring, we couldn’t leave Rosé off the list. Elevate your traditional pink drink by adding some bubbles. Our Aromica Sparkling Rosé is simply begging for some springtime loving. 

Pairs well with.. 

An afternoon by the pool. With a plastic glass or tumbler, of course!


10. Zweigelt

This Austrian wine falls somewhere in between a Pinot Noir and a Syrah. With notes of red cherry, raspberry, and black pepper, this distinct red moistens up any barbecue dish.  

Pairs well with…

Your classic backyard BBQ. 


11. Sauvignon Blanc

Known for its “green streak” and racy acidity, Sauv Blanc fits the springtime mood. With notes of gooseberry, honeydew, and grapefruit, this wine pairs well with herby dishes and all things green. 

Pairs well with… 

Porch or patio sipping.


In Vino Finito 

What’s your favorite springtime varietal? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Don’t forget to proofread–“Spring wine night’s crave a lovely Pinot Noir!” No apostrophe needed.

  2. What about Grillo from Sicily, Vigonier and Cabernet franc from Virginia, Seyval and Riesling from upstate New York and Canada, and Torrontes from Argentina? We occasionally see a bumper sticker which says “Virginia is for wine lovers, NAPA for auto parts.”

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