NEW WINE ALERT: Sophonisba Pinot Noir

Bright Cellars’ Sophonisba Pinot Noir

Introducing our highly anticipated Sophonisba Pinot Noir – a balanced red wine with notes of raspberry, cherry, vanilla, and oak. Oak aging and a thoughtful brand story elevate this red wine to new heights, just like the women it was named after. 

Sophonisba Wines, The Wonder of Women

This distinct collection of wine celebrates the trinity of Sophonisba – three iconic female figures who blazed the trail for many generations to come. Sophonisba wines serve as a symbol for women and a pillar of strength, empowerment, and femininity in an industry primarily dominated by men. 

The Original Sophonisba 

The original Sophonisba was a Carthaginian noblewoman born around 225 BC. A tragic figure of antiquity, she poisoned herself rather than surrender to Rome. Her death became a common subject in art starting in the 17th century. Her heroism is legendary, and she has served as the namesake for many boundary-pushing women throughout history.  

With Sophonisba wines we celebrate her life – and the long legacy of badass women who followed in her footsteps.

Sophonisba, The Artist 

Born in Italy in 1532, Sofinisba Aguissola became one of the greatest female painters of the Italian Renaissance. She worked alongside Michelangelo and even painted for the Spanish Royal Court.

Sophonisba, The Humanitarian 

Sophonisba Breckinridge was an American activist and suffragette born in 1866. She was a woman of firsts – the first woman to earn a Ph.D in political science and economics, the first women to pass the Kentucky bar, and the first woman to represent the U.S. government at an international conference. 

Bright Cellars Sophonisba Pinot Noir

Sophonisba Pinot Noir 

A balanced Pinot Noir, this wine is medium in body with soft tannins and punchy acidity. Red fruit flavors of raspberry and cherry dominate, with vanilla and spice from oak aging.

This Pinot Noir was harvested in Santa Maria Valley, located on California’s Central Coast at the northern end of Santa Barbara County.

Santa Maria Valley is home to primarily Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay varieties. The region’s east-to-west orientation provides unique weather patterns and, consequently, long growing periods. So long, in fact, that experts have dubbed it “the world’s most dynamic wine-growing region.” 

Pinot Noir, The Feminine Grape 

It’s no wonder Pinot Noir is considered the most “feminine” and delicate of grapes. 

Pinot Noir tends to be very particular about its growing conditions – you’ll often find it thriving near bodies of water or in sheltered valleys. The world’s most popular light-bodied red wine, Pinot Noir is rich in experience, but refuses to be tamed.

The story behind the artwork 

Our Sophonisba label portrays the famous Italian Renaissance Sophonisba (her own self portrait) drawing the original, ancient Sophonsiba on a burning canvas. This scene depicts a metaphorical attempt to free the original Sophonisba from her endlessly repeated symbolic death. 

If you look closely in the bottom left corner of the canvas, you’ll notice an easter egg of sorts – the Sophonisba butterfly found in the Amazon. 

In Vino Finito 

Which Sophonisba tale is most intriguing to you? Let us know in the comments! 

To try the boundary-pushing Sophonisba Pinot Noir yourself, reach out to, and our personal Wine Concierge Team will be happy to help! 

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