NEW WINE ALERT: Sabelia Red Blend

Bright Cellars’ Sabelia Red Blend

We’re excited to announce our newest wine, the Bright Cellars’ Sabelia Red Blend!

This Portuguese wine has flavor notes of dark fruits like plum and black cherry and secondary flavor notes of spices and creamy chocolate.


Our Sabelia wines honor Portugal’s indomitable spirit and its “vinho dos mortos” or “wine of the dead”. 

Napoleon invaded Portugal in the 1800s. During this time the small Portugese town of Boticas buried all of it’s wine. Why? To protect it from French pillaging. 

Three years later after Napoleon was defeated, the people of Boticas had been ravaged by war. But, when they unearthed the wine they had buried three years prior they discovered something amazing. The cool and damp conditions had made the wine even more delicious. 

In honor of their buried wine, they dubbed it “vinho dos mortos” (or “wine of the dead”), and they continue to recreate the tradition every year.

bright cellars' sabelia red blend

Sabelia Red Blend

This Portuguese tradition is represented in this medium-bodied red wine. 

The Sabelia Red Blend is the perfect mix of bold red fruits, spices, and chocolate. You’ll taste fresh fruit notes of plum and black cherry alongside notes of dried fruit flavors of fig and date. The notes of chocolate and spices will come secondary to the bold fruit flavors on the nose and palate. The high acidity in this wine is matched with a slight bitterness. 

This wine has a ABV of 13.5%, which is great for easy drinking or someone just starting their red wine journey

This wines’ grapes were grown in Portugal and harvested in October 2019. The vines these grapes were picked from are 20 years old and are growing in sandy soil with trace amounts of clay.  

Pairing with the Sabelia Red Blend

You can pair this Portuguese red blend with a variety of different foods from traditional Portugal flare to burgers on the grill

Bifanas are a Portuguese pork sandwich that will go great with this medium-bodied red wine. You could also go with vegetarian stews or chicken dishes that are tomato and spice-driven.

bright cellars red blend

Portugal Wine Region

The region this wine is grown in features sandy and clay-like soil. This region is often windy due to its close proximity to the ocean, which keeps the area relatively cool in temperature. 

The rainiest times are seen in November and December along with higher amounts of rain in January and February. However, December has the highest amount of annual rainfall. The average rainfall is 28.11 inches per year and the dry season is from June through August. 

In the fall and winter months it is cooler and wet while in the summer month the sun is beating down and the weather is hot and dry. This makes for acidic wine conditions due to the hot and cool weather mixings. 

In Vino Finito

Bright Cellars’ Sabelia Red Blend is one-of-a-kind. This wine’s bold flavors match this wine’s interesting yet defining story. 

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