NEW WINE ALERT: Jumble Sale Riesling

Introducing Bright Cellar’s Jumble Sale Riesling

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our collection of sweet wines, the Jumble Sale Riesling

This wine is a medium-sweet style of Riesling, boasting notes of tangerine, peach, pear and jasmine. You’ll notice perfumed florals on the nose, followed by apple and lime on the palate. 

Bright Cellars' Jungle Sale Riesling
Bright Cellar’s Jungle Sale Riesling


 Some call it a yard sale. Some call it a garage sale. In this wine’s home state of Washington, they call it a Jumble Sale. Lovingly dubbed Jumble Sale for its nostalgic air and hidden gem flavors, these wine varietals reveal more notes with each sip. 


Jumble Sale wines from Washington state have a way of bringing back memories. They’re meant to be shared with close friends or family as you take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on those special moments, big and small. The time you swung on the tire swing or struck out with your crush from down the block. And the best part about Jumble Sale? It’s a great way to create new memories. 



Sweet sippers – this one’s for you! This medium-sweet style Riesling falls in the middle of the scale – not dry, but not very sweet. 

Notes of tangerine, peach, pear, and jasmine bring this refreshing white to life. Tropical fruits and perfumed florals meet you on the nose, with apple and lime following on the palate. 

The ABV sits at a comfortable 12.4%, making it a casual pour or a nice daytime wine.  



When you think Washington, you may assume it’s rainy all the time and the sun doesn’t shine. However, the Evergreen State actually averages about 300 sunny days a year. That’s right, this region receives more summer sun than San Diego, Phoenix or even Honolulu! 

Washington state is actually one of the largest premium wine producers in the US. The state produces more than 70 grape varieties, with about 59% being red and 41% being white. Riesling is among the first grape varieties grown in the state, and they tend to floral on the nose with apricot, peach, or apple flavors. 

Nearly all of the wine in Washington is grown to the east of the Cascade mountain range. Here, skies are clear and the climate is wildly different due to an effect called the “rainshadow.” 

Essentially, the warm, moist ocean air blows onshore and cools as it rises over the mountains. This converts the moisture to precipitation or rain. By the time those clouds reach the eastern part of the state, they have no moisture left and skies turn sunny. 


The Jumble Sale Riesling is medium-sweet and therefore perfect for pairing with spicy foods. Think Indian and Asian cuisines rich in spices. Rieslings also complement duck, pork, bacon, shrimp, and crab. 

For a more unexpected pairing, buffalo wings pair perfectly with a sweet glass of Riesling. We like the balance of sipping fine wine but making sure there’s wet wipes close by.



Start making memories with our Jumble Sale Riesling by requesting it in your next box! Just reach out to our Wine Concierge Team at 

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