NEW WINE ALERT: Crypsis Primitivo

Bright Cellars’ Crypsis Primitivo

Introducing our new Crypsis Primitivo, a jammy, spicy red wine hailing from Lodi, California. This wine doesn’t hold back and is sure to take you by surprise with its bold fruit-forward flavors and supple tannins. 

Crypsis Wines

Hiding in plain sight, Crypsis wines ensnare the senses – blending in, and bending the line between what you expect and what you taste. Embrace your heightened senses and welcome the unexpected with each sip of Crypsis. 

Bright Cellars Crypsis Primitivo 

Crypsis Primitivo 2019

Equally spicy and jammy, our Crypsis Primitivo shows notes of strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry preserves with fresh cracked black pepper. Each glass has a round texture with silky tannins.

Primitivo is actually known for being one the most accessible Italian wines – it’s smooth and easy to drink but still complex. This means you’ll feel equally satisfied dissecting the flavors at a wine tasting as you would casually sipping it with friends. 

Known for dark fruit flavors, high alcohol, low acidity, and less prominent tannins, this red wine keeps you guessing. 

Along with this elusive nature, this grape takes on many identities. Primitivo has quite a few nicknames used to describe it, depending on where it’s grown. Fun fact: Primitivo actually comes from the same grape as Zinfandel, which actually originated in Croatia and was then called Tribidrag. 

Born in the Land of Lodi, California

Our Crypsis Primitivo comes from Lodi, California. Ever heard of it?

With more than 100,000 acres of vineyards, Lodi is located smack dab in the middle of Cali’s central valley. Lodi wine country is actually twice the size of Napa Valley, but you wouldn’t know it! It may be understated, but it’s home to many hidden gems. 

Known for smoky yet aromatic red wines, Lodi wines pack a punch. Their fruit-forward, bold approach to red wine makes them unique, memorable, and unexpected. 

The region is known for sandy soils, warm climate, and old vines. Lodi’s climate is hot during the day, without any signs of cooling down at night, and areas near the Mokelumne River house some of the oldest vineyards.

If you didn’t know, sandy soil tends to increase a wine’s aromatic intensity, but pull at the color. You may notice a more muted color and reduced body in wines from sandy areas.

In Vino Finito

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