4 Tips for Creating the Most Instagram-worthy Summer Wine & Cheese Party

#Summer is by far the most Instagram-able season, with its hashtag hitting over 251 million posts. This exceeds what the other three seasons have to their names combined. So when you have a get-together that consists of that Chardonnay bottle with the prettiest label in the store, a cheese board masterpiece and your closest friends, you better believe that photos will be taken and (of course) posted.

Next comes the question: how do you even go about taking THE picture that captures the true essence of your summer shindig? What can be done to make it stand out from all the other folks also drinking wine on their patio? Did your wine and cheese night even happen if you didn’t post it to the ‘gram? Stress no more. I’ve compiled a few easy pointers to help you capture the sweetest memories (and keep the likes rolling in):

Tip #1 Find a patio. This is crucial. You can’t promise a summer party full of melted Brie wafting through the air only to end up hosting it on your stained living room couch. If the patio has twinkle lights, even better. The extra shimmer in the sky adds the perfect amount of brightness to your photo, but keeps the mood sultry and inviting.

Tip #2 The more wine and cheese, the better. This is a given, because obviously you want your guests to be happy. Plus, having an abundance of goodies sprawled out across your patio table makes it look like you really know how to party. When the photo is taken, the frame will be full of all different colors, textures and flavors! Arrange your wine bottles and cheese board in a way that looks organized, yet effortless.


Tip #3 Add life to your photograph to make the post relatable. With a couple of your friends in the background, or even just a few hands coming in and out of the frame, followers will be more likely to stop on your photo. Everyone will want to know who’s lucky enough to be in your squad these days. The life you add doesn’t necessarily have to be human, either. If your dog is available to model, put that puppy in there! Nothing screams “perfect Instagram shot” like a four-legged friend joining in on the fun.

Tip #4 Always remember that the most important element is keeping the content of your image true to you. What makes your perfect summer wine and cheese night? Don’t overthink it! Sure, the quality of your photo greatly improves if you’re sitting on the cutest patio in town. However, posting a genuine image of you and your friends having the time of your lives will guarantee that your followers not only like, but love your photo. Make sure you’re truly enjoying whatever you capture on camera. Although it’s always amazing to get the perfect ‘gram, don’t forget to savor life when the camera is off, as well.

Cheers and happy posting!



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