How to Pick the Right Wine Glass

Choose the perfect glass to impress friends, family… or your cat. 

Red wine glasses are often larger with a wider bowl and rim. This wide design allows more contact with oxygen, which aids in properly releasing the aromas and flavors in the wine. These glasses are usually rounder and fatter, because #realwineglasseshavecurves

White wine glasses have a smaller bowl and rim than red. Instead, a taller, slimmer glass is recommended to limit the wine’s contact with oxygen. The smaller glass used for whites allows their delicate aromas to concentrate in the glass. This concentration ensures a much stronger scent.

Champagne/sparkling wine glasses, or “flutes,” are tall and slim. This design helps retain the bubbles that make champagne and sparkling wine so delicious.

Dessert wines are served in smaller glasses. There is often more alcohol in dessert wine, which calls for a smaller portion and therefore, a smaller glass.

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