How to create a cheeseboard

Like any good wino, we’re a huge fan of cheese. Not just because cheese is the founding father of our favorite foods (hello chips and queso, cheddar Sun Chips and cheese curds – fresh or fried). We love cheese for all those reasons, obviously, but also because it pairs SO well with wine.

There are so many wine varietals out there that it can be hard to keep track. But the world of cheese is just as large, which is actually a really good thing. The numerous options of both wine and cheese mean that there’s an almost endless amount of combinations for wine and cheese pairings.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, buckle up because it gets better. Cheese is fancy. Fancy like that dinner party your boss hosts every year. And if you put it together correctly, you can wind up with a swanky cheeseboard. We’re here to not only show you how to put together a classy cheeseboard to impress any guest, but also help you get artisan cheese delivered to your door.

Our go-to selection for cheese is The Tasting Board. It’s a subscription-based company that quite literally sends you four exceptionally high-quality cheeses to your door each month. We love it because it tells us what to pair with the specific cheese in each box. So if the guide below only stays in your mind as long as high school calculus stayed in ours, at least The Tasting Board has you covered. It’ll help you become a wine and cheese pairing pro.

The Tasting Board sources all of its cheese from Wisconsin (shoutout to THE dairy capital of the good ole USA) so you know you’re getting cheese that’s fresh, and the best. Simply take their quiz to get started. The quiz, which was formulated by two MIT grads (so you know it’s high-tech), uses your answers to pick out four cheeses that will pair perfectly with your tastes.

The next time your picky mother-in-law comes over, whip out these cheeses from The Tasting Board and pair them expertly with wine using this guide. She’ll never hassle you again about your inability to host, we promise.

Cheeseboard Tips:

  1. For a great cheese selection, include at least one soft cheese, multiple hard or aged cheeses and one unique blue or goat cheese.
  2. When hosting a group, it’s best to have 1-2 oz. of each cheese per person.
  3. To really impress your guests, spruce up your cheese board with fun add-ons like figs, olives, nuts, dried fruits, mustard, honey and crusty bread!



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