Holiday Survival Guide: Holiday Dessert Pairings

According to our friends at in their article called Which Wines Go Best with Thanksgiving Dinner?,when you are pairing with a sweet dessert, you want the wine to be at least as sweet as the food.” Here are some awesome holiday dessert pairings that really validate the phrase “Eat Pie. Drink Wine. Be Thankful.”

HSG2 Apple Pie

Apple Pie
The acidity in Riesling brings out the delicious baked flavors in apple pie. Riesling can even have notes of petroleum, complimenting the flavor of the flaky crust.

HSG2 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie
A semi-sweet, sparkling moscato is the ideal pairing for pumpkin pie. Moscato’s bubbles are great for cutting through the smooth texture of pumpkin pie’s filling. Moscato has just the right amount of sweetness to stand up to the sugary filling and whipped cream.

HSG2 Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie did some serious research when it comes to pecan pie pairings (say that 5 times fast). They say, “Our friends at Wine Peeps did a bit of investigating on pairing wine with pecan pie, and their findings are quite interesting. Their recommendation when it comes time to enjoy a delicious piece of pecan pie? Sherry! They explain that ‘the sherry was the unanimous choice as the best pairing with the pecan pie.’”

HSG2 Cheesecake

Cheesecake comes with a variety of toppings and sauces. When choosing a wine pairing, sauvignon blanc is the most versatile choice. Sauvignon blanc is both fruity and balanced, with makes a great addition to a flavorful cheesecake.

HSG2 Chocolate

Anything Chocolate
Here I looked back to our post on “How to Pair Chocolate and Wine. It’s important to remember “the sweeter the chocolate, the sweeter the wine” and “the darker the chocolate, the darker the wine.” Follow those simple rules and you’ll be indulging happily!



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