Holiday Hacks: How to Reuse Your Bright Cellars Box 

holiday hacks how to reuse your Bright Cellars box

The holidays are a time for decorating, hosting, and, of course, receiving a box of your favorite Bright Cellars wine. Instead of tossing your box on the curb, here are a few holiday hacks for upcycling your Bright Cellars box. 

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Bright Cellars Sustainable Wine Packaging 

Did you know Bright Cellars has one of the most compact wine boxes on the market? It’s true! We use less cardboard than our competitors, and we pride ourselves on sustainable packaging practices. 

Everything within our packaging (except for the corks) is recyclable. That means the box itself, wine dividers, and wine bottles can and should all be recycled! 

How to Reuse Your Bright Cellars Box 

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1. Use it to store ornaments or other holiday decor. 

Bright Cellars wine boxes are the perfect safekeeping tool for holiday ornaments, tree toppers, and even lights! Many of our members swear by this method of storage. If you try it out (or if you’ve been storing your ornaments in Bright Cellars boxes for years) make sure to post a photo and tag us @brightcellars on social media! We’ve yet to find a better hack for storing Christmas decorations. 

2. Use the box itself to give a gift. 

Remove the cardboard wine dividers, and you’ve got the perfect size gift box. Sweaters, massage guns, a pair of cozy slippers – a Bright Cellars box can gift most any present. 

Just be prepared to explain all about Bright Cellars – the monthly wine subscription that uses an advanced algorithm to match you with wines you love. Bonus points if you include a Bright Cellars gift card

3. Store your Bright Cellars wine cards.

Display your wine knowledge as you host for the holidays! Encourage your guests to explore your extensive collection, and then have them taste your favorite Bright Cellars wine. As a reminder, you can always order more bottles of your favorite wine through your Wine Concierge. Just email to get your order in time for the holidays! 

4. Start the New Year off right with organized drawers. 

When’s the last time you sorted your junk drawer? Embrace your inner Marie Kondo as you pair down on things and organize your drawers with our handy wine dividers. 

How to Reuse Your Wine Bottles

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1. Just add string lights.

Upcycle your wine bottles in one easy step! Simply add some festive string lights for this easy DIY wine bottle Christmas craft. 

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If you tend to lean toward multicolored lights, they look equally as festive glowing through a red wine bottle.

Image courtesy of Vibeke Design

2. Turn your wine bottles into candles.

For this DIY wine bottle project, you’ll need taper candles, greenery, and twine. Ensure the candle is secure and all greenery is out of the way when lighting! 

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3. Decorate your wine bottles to set the holiday scene. 

From wine bottle snowman to wine bottle Santa, these DIY wine bottle Christmas crafts are a great way to bring the family together and decorate your home.

In Vino Finito

What’s your favourite storage hack? Let us know in the comments! 



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