Here’s the Right Way to Hold Your Wine Glass

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We’ve all been there. It’s Friday and you’re out to eat with some of your friend’s friends who you’re trying to impress. They’re talking about how culturally aware they are after their lavish trip to Spain as they sniff out the “delicate elderflower” scents in their white wine. Meanwhile, you’re just trying to figure out how to hold your wine glass the right way. Don’t fret. Here’s a quick crash course on the right way to grasp your glass so you can look oh-so sophisticated the next time you’re out wine tasting.

Before we dive into the advanced material, though, we first need to cover the basics of which type of wine goes in which glass.

For whites, be sure to choose a glass with a narrow opening and straight edges. Whites are meant to be served chilled, and this narrow opening helps keep the wine cool by minimizing the content’s contact with oxygen. Make sure to hold the glass by its long stem to keep the pesky heat from your hands from affecting your cool, crisp white. It’ll make you look fancy and elegant too.

Conversely, reds should be poured into glasses with a larger rim and wider bowl. The increased surface area of the bowl maximizes the interaction of oxygen with the wine, and the larger rim allows you to take in all those deep, lovely aromas of your favorite red. While your body heat coming into contact with the bowl isn’t as much of a concern, still aim to hold the glass from its stem. (Pro tip: holding your glass from its stem means you won’t leave ugly smudges and fingerprints all over your glass, and  your wine remains picturesque.)

If you’re drinking out of a stemless glass, disregard everything you’ve read so far. If you’re going this route, be sure that your glass is thick and rounded. While usually meant for reds, a white that’s too cold also pairs well in this glass. For whites, your warm palm will allow this wine’s flavors and aromas to intensify.

Sometimes you’re too lazy to run the dishwasher, I get it. You’ve run out of all your fancy glasses and have to opt for the good ‘ol classic Solo cup. I’ve been there, I don’t judge. In that case, there’s no wrong way to grasp the beautifully glossed exterior. Just remember, only the classiest wine drinkers will elegantly sport a Solo cup.




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