Have You Ever Had Orange Wine?

It’s Not Made Of Oranges

You may have heard of or seen people drinking orange colored wines. Maybe you’ve tried them. Even though they are orange colored, this wine is made with the same grapes that make white wine. The reason this wine is orange has to do with how it’s made.

How Orange Wines Are Made

White wines are light because when the grapes are crushed, the skins are removed right away. Orange wines are different: These wines are made with white wine grapes but get weeks to months of contact with the skins. The result is a wine that can range from pink to orange in color.

What do they taste like?

Contact with the skins gives orange wines a boost in flavor that puts these wines in between red and white wines.  Orange wines have more bitterness and astringency than white wines, and usually less than reds.

Astringency in wine actually leaves a dry, chalky feeling in your mouth. Rather than being a flavor, this is a texture that you can feel.  Usually only red wines have noticeable astringency.

If you like full-bodied, flavorful whites, try an orange wine!



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