Do You Smell Your Wine Before You Sip?


Do People Actually Smell Their Wine Before They Sip?

Everyone has their own ritual when it comes to pouring themselves a glass. Perhaps you give it a good swirl or hold it up to the light. There’s one trick of the trade you should always add into your wine ritual, and that’s smelling it. 

We asked our Bright Cellars’ community, “when trying a new wine, do you smell before you sip?” and here are the results.


  • 73.2% of respondents said ”I always smell before I sip.”
  • 18.2% of respondents answered “Sometimes, if I remember to.”
  • 4.8% of respondents admitted “I usually just drink my wine.” 
  • 3.8% of respondents said “If I’m at a wine tasting.” 

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community and got some responses that only confirmed the results: 

  • Always! 🍷
  • Smell, then sip 

We were prepared to explain the benefits of taking a whiff of your wine before you dive in to sip, but it seems like the majority of you already have it figured out. We’ve asked a lot of survey questions in our day, but we’ve never received a response that made us this proud! 

Turns out, aroma accounts for about 85% of your taste when sipping wine. That’s why it’s so important to engage all of your senses, primarily your sniffer. Not sure how to sniff your wine without feeling weird? We’ve got you covered.

In Vino Finito 

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