Wine 101

Sommelier wine expert shows expensive wine in wooden box to viewer for consideration.

Is Expensive Wine Really Worth It?

Tired of springing for an expensive bottle only to hate it? Let’s examine the age-old question: Is expensive wine worth it? The answer may surprise you.


Dry Vs. Sweet Wine

Dry vs. sweet wine… what’s the difference? We asked our Bright Cellars’ community if they prefer sweet or dry, and here are the results.

buttload of wine – a large wooden wine barrel

How Much Is a “Buttload” of Wine?

People use “buttload” to mean a large amount, but how much is a “buttload” of wine? Get this: a “buttload of wine” is an actual measurement! Mind. Blown.

Cork Vs. Screw Cap: Which Is Better?

The truth? Screw caps are just as good as corks! In fact, the two methods are nearly identical when it comes to storing and aging wine.