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Wine essentials

Our Favorite Wine Gadgets

You’re on a deserted island. And you have a bottle of wine. You can only choose one – which fancy wine gadget do you pick?

What to Do After You Pour a Glass of Wine

What’s the benefit of swirling wine? Or even sniffing it? We asked our reader what’s the first thing they do after pouring a glass of wine.

The Best Places to Drink Wine

Any place is a good place to drink wine. On a boat? You got it. Under the stars? Sign us up! We’re sharing the best places to drink wine.

Central Coast California

The Most Popular U.S. Winemaking States

Which winemaking regions are most popular in the U.S.? We asked, and now we’re sharing the most popular U.S. wine states.

The Most Popular Ways to Buy Wine

Wine can be sourced from many different places and sold at even more for varying prices, so we asked our Glass Half Full audience “where do you buy most of your wine?”

What’s the most popular kind of sparkling wine?

What’s the most popular type of bubbly? Let’s face it – buying bubbly can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever stared at the sparkling shelf, tilted your head, and whispered “huh?”…

wine new year's resolutions

What’s Your Wine New Year’s Resolution?

Goodbye 2020 – 2021 is right around the corner! This week we asked the Glass Half Full readers, what’s your wine New Year’s resolutions?

Is Sparkling Wine Just For Special Occasions?

Do People Only Drink Sparkling Wine on Special Occasions?  Answer: not necessarily. Some people may think bubbly is only appropriate for sipping on New Year’s Eve, clinking at a wedding, or spraying…

wine new year's resolutions

How Much Do You Spend When Gifting Wine?

This week we asked the Glass Half Full readers, how much do you spend when gifting wine? $10-20? Maybe $30-50?