Can White Wine Come from Red Grapes?

Is it really possible to get white wine from red grapes? Surprisingly, yes. It may sound crazy, but the process actually makes a lot of sense.

I’ve always assumed that white wine was made with white or green grapes and red wine is made with red or purple grapes. But virtually all grapes have clear juice, even the darkest purples and reds.

Red wine is typically made from grapes with skin still on them. The wine gets its color when the red/purple grapes leave behind their hues during the fermentation process.

White wine is generally made from green/white grapes, but it can also be made from red or purple grapes. As long as the skins are removed from the grapes before they are pressed, there will be no hue left behind. 

To recap…

Red grapes WITHOUT skins= white wine

Red grapes WITH skins= red wine



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