Your Best Staycation Ever

Plane tickets are pricey, hotel beds are uncomfortable, cat sitters are expensive…The best way to beat that “I need a vacation from my vacation” feel is simple: stay home!

Your Best Staycation
Staycations are quickly becoming the new vacations. There is something to be said for relaxing and recharging in the comfort of your own humble abode. Of course, selecting wines is an important part of planning. (Truthfully,  it should be the only major part of planning). Don’t stress, we’ve gone ahead and paired our favorite Bright Cellars wines with all of your next staycation activities:

Forty Winks Chenin Blanc 2016

Staycation Activity: Having a backyard beach day

So what if you’re miles away from the nearest body of water? Throw on your swimsuit, pour yourself a glass of refreshing vino and go soak up that sun.

Recommended Pairing: Pear & Gorgonzola salad, a kiddie pool, SPF 50.

La Cueca Merlot 2016

Staycation Activity: Relaxing in a hammock with a great read

You know the book you’ve been picking up off the shelf and putting back for months? You should block off your weekend and finish it.  

Recommended Pairings: Chocolate ice cream, comfy clothes, Mumford and Sons on repeat.

White Willow Chardonnay 2016

Staycation Activity: Hosting a wine and cheese party on the patio

Forget expensive vacation dinners and valet parking. Having your friends over for a night of artfully paired wine and cheese can be even more enjoyable! Learn how to perfectly capture every minute of it here.

Recommended Pairings: Melted Brie and dried fruits, twinkle lights, friends with dogs.

Folk & Fable Red Blend 2015

Staycation Activity: Watching an outdoor movie

Whether you’re projecting The Notebook onto the side of your garage or sitting on the patio with a laptop, nothing beats a cinematic experience under the stars.  

Recommended Pairing: White cheddar popcorn, all of the blankets, bug spray.

Cheers and happy staycation-ing!



Bright Cellars

Our staff is full of passionate wine lovers. With our amazing sommeliers at the helm, we’ve been schooled on all things wine. We came together to write this article, in hopes of spreading a little wine-ducation with you.

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