Best Binge Worthy Shows & Wine Pairings

Best binge worthy tv shows 2022

We’ve shared binge worthy shows and wine pairings in the past. But now we’re reaching a point where all the binge worthy Netflix shows we watched during quarantine are releasing new seasons. 

You know what that means! Here are the best binge worthy shows of 2022, paired with wine.

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Bridgerton Season 2 & Malbec 

Where to watch: Netflix 

We’ve waited patiently, much like Lady Whistledown. Season two of our favorite juicy, high-society drama officially releases on Netflix March 25, 2022. 

Pair Bridgerton with something you can sip pinky up. Smoky, sultry and just as juicy as the town’s hottest gossip, we’d recommend a Malbec with dark fruit notes. 

Mrs. Maisel Season 4 & Manischewitz 

Where to watch: Amazon Video 

The laughs continue with the newly released season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – a light-hearted series that follows female comedian Midge Maisel on her journey to the top. 

Raise a glass of the kosher wine Manischewitz to the constant chaos of Midge’s endearing and ever-evolving life.

You Season 3 & Shiraz 

Where to watch: Netflix 

After the first two seasons of You, things can only get darker from here. Pair this brooding series with a Syrah. Even better, choose an Australian Shiraz that will have darker fruit notes and hints of spicy black pepper. 

Chene Cremeaux
Bright Cellars Chêne Crémeux Chardonnay

Emily in Paris & Chardonnay

Where to watch: Netflix 

Our favorite social media savant is back and chipper as ever. Pair this season of Emily in Paris with something French, but not too French. Our Chêne Crémeux Chardonnay flaunts notes of freshly baked baguettes but hails from none other than Lodi, California. Plus, the label is nothing short of Instagram worthy. 

Bright Cellars Main Character Merlot

Inventing Anna & Merlot 

Where to watch: Netflix 

Mysterious, captivating, and commanding the attention of everyone in the room, Inventing Anna Netflix series deserves a complex, head-turning wine.

Pair this series with our Main Character Merlot – a complex wine with the name to match. You may think you have this Merlot figured out, but it’s far from expected. Prepare for subtle hints of wood that take this Merlot to the next level. No ‘trust fund’ required. 

Best binge worthy shows The Woman In The House
Image courtesy of Netflix Junkie

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window & Literally Any Wine 

Where to watch: Netflix 

If you’re looking for a true crime spoof that will make you chuckle, Kristen Bell is the woman for the job. In the house. Across from the girl. In the window. This satirical series plays off those high-tension, psychological thriller novels by Gillian Flynn, A.J. Finn, and Paula Hawkins. 

You only have to watch the first episode to know literally any wine will do for this pairing. (Kristen Bell pours an entire bottle of red wine into a glass which we wouldn’t recommend.) 

Perhaps opt for our low-alcohol wines so you can have more than one glass while still drinking responsibly. Our Mojave Rain Cabernet Sauvignon is only 6% alcohol!

Euphoria & Prosecco 

Where to watch: HBO Max

It seems like Euphoria has swept the Internet with its drama, shock value, and honest perspective on sensitive subjects happening in the world around us. 

While the show follows a group of high schoolers, it’s perfectly acceptable for us imbibing, of-age adults to find a wine that makes us feel young and free. We recommend matching the vibe with an equally dramatic wine that glitz and glistens. Pop a bottle of Prosecco, and bask in the glow. 

Best binge worthy shows and wine - The tinder Swindler
Image courtesy of the The Tab

The Tinder Swindler & Gewürztraminer

Where to watch: Netflix 

Where do we start with Simon Leveiv, Prince of Diamonds? The Tinder Swindler’s story has become infamous, much like Gewürztraminer. This aromatic white wine with notes of lychee and rose petal is complex and worthy of sipping pretty on a private jet. (Don’t worry, a bottle won’t cost you $30,000.) 

grasp and grabble tempranillo
Bright Cellars Grasp + Grabble Tempranillo

Yellowstone & Tempranillo  

Where to watch: Amazon Video 

Gritty, rooted, and not backing down from a good fight, this series requires an equally tireless Tempranillo. The grape itself has thick skin, much like the characters in Yellowstone.

Did you know that bad soil actually makes good wine? The more the grapevines have to struggle for a good roothold, the richer the grapes taste. We’d recommend our Grasp & Grabble Tempranillo – a wine that reminds us struggle cultivates character. 

Dreamlet Sweet Wine
Bright Cellars Dreamlet Sweet Wine

Ted Lasso & Sweet Wine 

Where to watch: Apple TV 

If we were to pair this TV show with any wine, it’d be a pleasantly sweet wine or off-dry Riesling, simply because Ted is so darn sweet. Our Dreamlet Sweet Wine is the perfect pair for this out-of-his-league coach who believes in the dream. 

In Vino Finito

Now that you know the best binge worthy shows of the year (and how to pair them with wine), which show are you watching next? If we missed a show, let us know in the comments and we’ll suggest a wine to enhance the experience. 



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