About us


Bright Cellars is a personalized wine subscription startup located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 2015, Bright Cellars has been delivering wine matches right to our customers’ doorsteps. First, our members take our easy taste palate quiz. Then, our pairing algorithm, created by our two MIT grad co-founders, matches them to wines they’ll love.

The process is simple: take our quiz, get your matches, taste your wines, rate your wines, repeat. Sure, our wine-matching algorithm is powered by fancy formulas and complex mathematics. But behind all that math sits a Bright Cellars team who knows a lot about wine to help our members.

We have a staff full of passionate wine lovers. Over the last several years, our Wine Director has worked to educate our team on the world of wine by organizing weekly wine classes. With this knowledge, we’ve been able to provide insightful wine information to our members. Lately, though, we’ve been thinking, “Why limit wine education to our members?” That’s how Glass Half Full was born.

With Glass Half Full, we’re able to branch out and share our knowledge and passion for wine beyond Bright Cellars members. By sharing our content, we’re hoping to further educate long-time wine lovers about the wines they enjoy and entertain novice wine drinkers by inspiring them to try something new.

We hope you enjoy reading the variety of content produced by Glass Half Full as much as we love sharing our passion for wine with you. Thanks for your support!

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