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What’s the most popular kind of sparkling wine?

What’s the most popular type of bubbly? Let’s face it – buying bubbly can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever stared at the sparkling shelf, tilted your head, and whispered “huh?”…

Is Sparkling Wine Just For Special Occasions?

Do People Only Drink Sparkling Wine on Special Occasions?  Answer: not necessarily. Some people may think bubbly is only appropriate for sipping on New Year’s Eve, clinking at a wedding, or spraying…

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What’s Your Favorite Sparkling?

What’s your favorite sparkling wine? This week we asked the Glass Half Full readers their sparkling wine preferences. Here are the results!

Label Language: Sparkling Wine

Reading a sparkling wine label is like trying to learn a foreign language (or more specifically, French). All the fancy terms and elegant phrases tend to go way over our heads, so…

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How it’s made: Sparkling Wines Edition

Horrible wordplay aside, ever find yourself on the NASCAR victory podium after a grueling 300 lap race celebrating your hard-fought victory, only to think to yourself, “Hey, how did they get the…

Sparkling Wine Floats

Sparkling Wine Floats What You’ll Need: 1 bottle of sparkling wine Orange sherbet That’s literally all I’m serious       Step 1 Let the sherbet soften a bit and scoop it into…

7 Ways to Use Leftover Wine

Whether your bottle is 3/4 full or close to empty, don’t let your leftover wine go to waste. Here are 7 ways to use your leftover wine.