9 Perfect Wine and Summer Movie Pairings

make summer more glamorous – a DIY backyard movie projector with seats, popcorn and wine

Pairing Wine with Your Favorite Summer Movies

Summer nights should be easy and relaxing. And honestly, what’s more chill than watching a classic summer movies while enjoying handfuls of popcorn and your favorite vino? 

Movies transport you to new places and can help you forget about the world for a few hours. The right refreshments can amp up the experience, and make you feel like you’re right there with your favorite movie characters. 

Wherever you prefer to enjoy a movie night – whether it’s at home, outdoors at the park, or at a drive-in movie theater – here are some Oscar-worthy wine pairings to take your cinematic experience to the next level. 

Dirty Dancing & Malbec

As movies go, Dirty Dancing is the perfect summer fling. As things start to heat up between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, you’re going to want an equally sultry wine. A full-bodied and fruity Argentinian Malbec is just the ticket. Enjoy these two together and you’ll have the time of your life.

Grease & Sauternes

It’s time to go back to Rydell High for another fun-filled senior year. While dry wines are popular nowadays, back in the 50s, sweet wines were in vogue. So, before you go to the sock hop, put on your poodle skirt and pour a glass of Sauternes – a dessert wine. Of course, you could also go with a rosé to fit in with the Pink Ladies.

I Know What You Did Last Summer & Cabernet Sauvignon

Horror movies are a scream during the summer, and this frightful film features all of your favorite stars from the late 90s. Enjoy I Know What You Did Last Summer with a deep red Cabernet Sauvignon. This way, when you want to look away from the blood on screen, you’ll have something else red to focus on.

Girl’s Trip & Sparkling Rosé

This boundary-pushing comedy is all about reconnecting with your friends, so of course we recommend watching it with your besties. Enjoy this star-studded hit with an equally fun wine: A fruit-forward sparkling rosé

Wet Hot American Summer & Sparkling White Wine 

As you might remember from your teenage years, summer camp is hot. Enjoy this hilarious comedy with the kind of wine you’d enjoy out in the woods – a dry sparkling wine. Bonus points if you drink it straight from the can.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly & California Zinfandel

If you’re a fan of the spaghetti western, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is great for a hot summer night. Enjoy this dusty classic with a wine that’s straight out of the Gold Rush – a California Zinfandel

Jaws & Merlot

Horror movies in general pair well with red wine, and Jaws goes nicely with Merlot. Fun fact – in case you decide to put shark on the menu while you watch – Merlot pairs well with shark steaks. Just remember – if you only have a little Merlot left when you start the movie, you’re going to need a bigger bottle.

Independence Day & American Wine

Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to watch this 1992 classic about people coming together to protect the planet against an extraterrestrial attack. While Bill Pullman makes that rousing speech, raise a glass of red or white wine. We recommend a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay – the most widely planted grapes in the region.

Moonstruck & Chianti

This classic rom com will make you laugh and possibly even believe in love. While you watch Cher and Nicolas Cage fall for each other, be sure to have a bottle or two of Chianti on hand. This popular Italian red wine is the perfect match for these Italian lovebirds. 

make summer more glamorous – a DIY backyard movie projector with seats, popcorn and wine

In Vino Finito

Do you have another wine and movie pairing you absolutely adore? Email us and let us know! 

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