9 Wine and Summer Pasta Pairings

wines that go with summer pasta

9 Wines That Go With Summer Pasta

There is still some time left to make your favorite summertime pastas. Here are our 9 favorite wines that go with summer pasta. 

The best thing about summertime pasta is that you can use all your leftover vegetables and herbs from your garden! These pastas are light and refreshing and perfect for a summer night dinner. 

The perfect wines that go with pasta need to be paired with the pasta’s strongest overall flavor. 

9 Wine and Summer Pasta Pairings

wine and pasta pairings

1. Linguine With Summer Vegetables and Goat Cheese

This light summer pasta has corn, zucchini, garlic, goat cheese, and much more. The flavors from the veggies and goat cheese are summer personified.

The best way to wash down this perfect pasta is with a Sauvignon Blanc. Goat cheese and Sauvignon Blanc are a classic duo. The zippy acidity from the vino pairs well with the acidity from the goat cheese. 

Want to try another cheese with this pasta but don’t know the wine pairing? Use this guide to get you started

2. Herb Pasta with Garlic and Green Olives

We are sure you have some left over herbs in that garden you planted during quarantine! Put those to good use with this summer pasta recipe

The best wine to go with this kind of pasta is a Pinot Grigio. This vino’s flavors of lemon zest, peach, and almond will go nicely with the herbs. The semi-dry flavor will help cut through the saltiness from the green olives. 

Our favorite Pinot Grigio for this recipe is Bright Cellars’ own Sprig and Rose Pinot Grigio! The flavor note of green apple, lemon, and lime will go nicely with the herbs in the pasta.

Plate of pesto with noodles

3. Summertime Pesto

Pesto makes the perfect summertime pasta sauce. The light and herby sauce seems to scream summer!

The best wine to go with this summer pasta is a unoaked Chardonnay. This vino goes nicely with the different herb flavors present in the pesto sauce. The light-bodied Chardonnay pairs nicely with the strong garlic flavors as well. 

Fun tip: Try making using zoodles (Zucchini noodles) with pesto! Healthy and yummy!

4. Summer Squash and Basil Pasta

This recipe is another great way to use up those summertime veggies and herbs in your garden before the end of the year!

The best wine to go with this pasta is a dry sparkling wine. The recipe calls for Aleppo-style pepper – which can be very spicy! The bubbles from the sparkling wine will help cut through the spice and will also pair nicely with the basil flavors.

Shrimp Scampi pasta

5. Shrimp Scampi Pasta

Shrimp Scampi is a light and zesty pasta with unlining flavors of garlic and even a little spice if you add red pepper flakes. 

For this pasta go with a unoaked Chardonnay or a Riesling. Both of these wines will combine with the flavors of zest and garlic. They will also help cleanse the pallet if it gets too spicy. 

6. Burst Cherry Tomatoes Pasta

This savory pasta has just a hint of sweetness added in! 

The best wine for this summertime pasta is a lighter-bodied wine like a Sauvignon Blanc or Falanghina. Both of these wines go nicely with the burst cherry tomato flavors and will also help add to the slight sweetness the recipe calls for

Our favorite Sauvignon Blanc to go with this recipe is Azuli Sauvignon Blanc from Chile! The flavor notes of fresh herbs, zesty lime, and lemongrass pairs perfectly with the different flavors in the pasta.

Corn Cacio e Pepe

7. Corn Cacio e Pepe

This adult twist on mac and cheese will have your taste buds screaming for more!

Try this Italian dish with Pinot Gris! The flavors of lemon zest and crushed gravel make a great addition to the cheese and strong pepper flavors from the pasta. 

8. Spicy Lobster Pasta

Seafood and summer are the perfect combination! 

This spicy lobster pasta recipe calls for red pepper flakes, lemon zest, and black pepper! The best wine to pair with this pasta creation is a Riesling. The slight sweetness from the Riesling will pair perfectly with the spicy and zest flavors coming from the pasta. 

The wine will also help make sure the spice isn’t too overpowering. 

Summer Pasta Pomodoro - wines that go with pasta

9. Summer Pasta Pomodoro 

This is a summer twist on classic pomodoro!

The best wine to go with this pasta is a sparkling red wine perfect for summer – a Lambrusco! The fruit-forward flavors from the Lambrusco go together nicely with the herbaceous flavors from the basil and garlic. 

The sparkling red will also make a nice addition to the tomato flavors in the pasta sauce. 

wine and summer pasta pairings

In Vino Finito

The best way to enjoy summertime pasta is with a perfectly paired glass of wine while sitting outdoors! 

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