5 Wine Pairings for Your Summer Reading List

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5 Book and Wine Pairings for Summer

Sure – things are crazy and you’re super busy. But don’t let the summer whizz by without taking some much-needed you time. Use these 5 summer book and wine pairings to help unwind. 

After all, this is the season for finding a quiet spot on the beach, sliding your toes into the sand, and disappearing for a few hours into a good book. 

How do you make this summer ritual even more delicious? Just add wine. 

Check out these wine pairings to go with your summer reading list.

The Vanishing Half book
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1. The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett & Pinot Noir

There’s been a lot of anticipation for Bennet’s latest book, and The Vanishing Half is now a New York Times Best Seller. Following the story of two black twin sisters who grow up together and then go on to lead radically different lives, The Vanishing Half pairs well with Pinot Noir, a light, chillable red wine that seems to vanish the longer it’s on the table. 

The Unhoneymooners
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2. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren & Sparkling Rosé

The Unhoneymooners was last year’s hot romantic comedy about two sworn enemies who end up in Hawaii together when the rest of the wedding party gets food poisoning. This delightful book goes well with an equally fun and celebratory wine – sparkling rosé

I'll be gone in the dark
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3. I’ll be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara & Albariño

True crime lovers, buckle up. If your idea of a fun beach read is a haunting tale about the darkest parts of the human psyche, you’ve got to check out I’ll be Gone in the Dark, an account of one woman’s obsessive hunt for the man known as the Golden State Killer. Enjoy this beautifully written book with Albariño a crisp light-bodied white wine. It helps you avoid getting sucked too deep into this string of horrific crimes.

Party of Two Book
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4. Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory & Syrah

From acclaimed rom-com norvelist Jasmine Guillory comes Party of Two, a modern romance about Olivia Monroe – a woman who moves to LA to start her own law firm and gets involved with a gorgeous man who turns out to be a senator. Twists and turns, clandestine dates, and passionate romance pair well with Syrah, a deep dark red wine with notes of black plum, pepper, and chocolate. 

Beach Read Book
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5. Beach Read by Emily Henry & Chardonnay

Emily Henry’s smart and original novel Beach Read is basically the ultimate beach read. It centers on a romance novelist who stops believing in love, but then meets another writer who happens to live just a few houses away from her summer beach house. Quick and satisfying, this fresh book pairs well with the quintessential white wine for summer, ripe and fruity Chardonnay

Books on beach with sunglasses

In Vino Finito

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