3 Ways to Use Red Wine in Your Skincare Routine

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This guest post is courtesy of Hero Cosmetics, one of our favorite skincare brands. You’ve probably heard of their Mighty Patch, which is much loved by beauty editors and thousands of Amazon reviewers. Just like Bright Cellars, Hero is committed to inspiring and educating readers. Here, they lend their expertise on the benefits of red wine and ways to integrate wine into your skincare routine. So, is wine good for skin?

What do you get when you combine wine with skincare? The ultimate self-care Sunday, if you ask us! While you may picture relaxing with a glass of wine post-mask or peel, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. That’s because – in case you needed another reason to add an extra bottle to your cart – wine can be really good for your skin! 

Ahead, we break down which types of wine are most beneficial to your skin and three ways you can use wine in DIY treatments decadent enough to make you feel like you’re back at the spa again (because so many of us are definitely missing it right now).

Which wine is good for skin?

All of the nutritionists and estheticians we consulted agree that red is best, whether you’re sipping or using it topically. “Although both red and white wine may be equally delicious, if you’re looking to reap the health and skin benefits, reach for the red,” says licensed esthetician Stephanie Ivonne. “Packed with antioxidants, a powerful ingredient that has the strength to fight off free radicals, a glass of red wine also improves blood circulation and inflammation.”

Health experts believe that red wine not only helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, but also has long-term skin and hair health benefits:

  • Reduces visible signs of aging: Antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol and tannins encourage collagen production and help protect skin from harmful pollution and UV rays. 
  • Heals acne: Due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, red wine can help to clear pores and reduce breakouts. Relaxing while sipping a glass of wine can also reduce stress levels, and in turn, cut down on breakouts triggered by stress.
  • Boost glowiness: By reducing stress levels and free radicals, red wine can help improve your skin’s radiance and even out skin tone.

Pinot Noir typically contains the highest amount of antioxidants and the least amount of sugar, making it an ideal choice for skincare aficionados.

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Keep it light

Everything in moderation, and that’s absolutely true for wine-related skin benefits. The recommended daily serving of wine is 4-5 ounces. And that is not the size of a typical red wine glass. Instead of filling your glass to the brim, halt your pour when you get to the widest part of the glass, or the bell.

“The bad news about wine is that because alcohol is a diuretic, it can actually dehydrate you by causing the kidneys to release more water,” says Melissa Morris, an ISSN-certified nutritionist and healthy living expert. “Proper hydration is important for the appearance and texture of skin, and unfortunately, anything with alcohol can cause dehydration.”

Plus, polishing off a bottle of wine a night will probably have you rolling into bed without washing your face, which is basically the cardinal sin of skincare.

Using wine in your skincare routine

Even if you aren’t a red wine lover, you can still reap its skin benefits by integrating it into your skincare routine. Vinotherapy (AKA Vinotherapie) is the official name for skincare or beauty procedures that involve rubbing the residue of winemaking (the pulp and pips) into the skin. And while you can’t hop on a plane to Bordeaux for the authentic vineyard spa experience right now, you can still reap the exfoliating, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits of Vinotherapy with these three DIY treatments.

DIY wine scrub

If your skin looks a little dull, try a wine scrub. “Red wine can also be used as an exfoliator when mixed with sugar, creating a nice paste,” says Ivonne. “Gently rub in a circular motion, then rinse with cold or lukewarm water and pat dry.” This recipe also doubles as a delicious lip scrub.

If you have sensitive skin or find the wine and sugar scrub to be a little rough, just add a tablespoon of honey to soften it up a bit.

Simple toner

Fresh out of your non-alcoholic skin toner? No need to make a late-night drugstore run. Simply dip a clean cotton ball or round in red wine and slide it across your clean face and neck. Using red wine as a toner can help reduce oil, remove dead skin cells, clear pores and fight acne.

Red wine face masks

“If drinking a glass of red wine isn’t for you, my favorite way to benefit from wine is by adding the beverage into a healthy skin mix to create a facial mask that will help you achieve more radiant-looking skin,” Ivonne suggests. “It’s always suggested, when using red wine as an ingredient for your mask, to add other ingredients that are also beneficial for skin, including honey, yogurt and even eggs.”

If you have acne-prone skin, chances are pretty good that you’ve tried an egg white mask at some point. One way to step it up a notch is by adding a tablespoon of honey and a few tablespoons of red wine to your egg white. Mix all three ingredients together until you have a smooth paste, then apply it to your clean face and neck. Relax, allow it to sit for about 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. 

The egg white and red wine work together to cleanse and tighten pores and make your skin appear firmer. Plus, honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture and hydrates and soothes your skin.

If you want to try a wine mask but have dry skin, simply swap out the egg white for a cup of greek yogurt. Doing so will help to gently exfoliate and further hydrate your skin.

Hero Cosmetics Micropoint ance solutions

And if your skin needs a little extra help…

Even if your skin is loving the wine treatments, breakouts happen. And when they do, don’t stress about it or pop your pimples. That can leave you with angry, irritated skin and spread the initial breakout. Instead, reach for an acne patch, a more effective, gentler way to treat pimples.

If you use Micropoint for Blemishes in the very early stages of a breakout (when you just start to feel a pimple forming under your skin), it’s possible to completely heal the pimple before an infection/whitehead even develops. If a whitehead does appear, stick on a Mighty Patch Original (for overnight elimination), Invisible+ (ultra-thin for daytime treatment, yes, even out in public) or Surface (for any large-area breakouts). The high-quality hydrocolloid sucks up all the pimple pus and gunk in just hours!

After the pimple is gone and your skin returns to its pre-pimple texture (typically 2-3 days), you can use Micropoint for Dark Spots to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and reduce the need to later address acne scar removal.

Right now, Hero Cosmetics is offering all Bright Cellars wine lovers a chance to try any single acne care product at 15% off! First-time customers can use the code BRIGHTCELLARS15 at checkout anytime during the month of July.

Cheers to tackling your breakouts without missing a beat!



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