Three Amazing Grape Varietals to Try if You Love Riesling

We’re all about discovering wines off the beaten path, so we love recommending a wine that expands your wine horizons.

Everyone from wine beginners to connoisseurs loves a great Riesling. Great Riesling has amazing aromatics with strong fruit and floral flavors. Riesling is an enticing balance between sweetness and tart acidity. If you love Riesling, here are 3 lesser-known varietals to add to your list:


This is a great first place to start. Torrontes is a signature grape of Argentina, with peach and apricot aromas. Torrontes is generally sweet with strong floral qualities and shows the same balance between sugar and acidity that Riesling does. You can find high-quality Torrontes at a great value.


Try saying that three times fast. Gewürztraminer is another aromatic grape varietal from Alsace in France. Like Riesling, Gewürztraminer is sweet but can have a more complex aroma. Lychee is a strong flavor of this grape. Ever eaten lychee? We highly recommend that fantastic fruit.


If you love Riesling’s aromas and you’re ready to step up to a fuller bodied wine, try Viognier. From the Northern Rhone in France, Viognier is another aromatic grape with floral aromas like jasmine or orange blossom. Compared to Riesling, Viognier wine is richer, higher in alcohol, and usually dry.




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