10 Wine Spritzer Recipes for Hard Seltzer Lovers

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10 Wine Spritzer Recipes 

Hard seltzers are all the jazz right now! People love the great taste they’re getting with a low calorie drink. But did you know that recreating your favorite hard seltzers at home is easy with these wine spritzer recipes?

That’s right! You can easily make your favorite hard seltzer recipes in your own kitchen! All you will need is flavored seltzer water and of course, WINE! 

The best part? There are endless combinations you can make. These hard seltzer variations also are low-alcohol, low calorie, and you don’t always need to have your favorite flavor on hand. You can mix and match!

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Mango Lemonade 

Lemonade hard seltzers are great for the summer months – refreshing and relaxing. Remaking this summer concoction is simple! 

Start with mango flavored seltzer water and then add wine! The best wine that pairs with the mango would be a late harvest Gewurztraminer. The citrus from the mango will balance out the sweetness from the Gewurztraminer.

Garnish: A slice of lemon or mango

Cucumber, lime, and mint spritzer graphic

Cucumber, Lime, and Mint

This one is a fun twist on classic cucumber water. For this one you’ll need a muddler of some sort (a spoon will work). 

First add the mint and lime. Muddle until the flavors and aromas seem to be well mixed. Add the cucumber seltzer water and then either a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc

The dryness from these wines will not seem as strong with the citrus and mint flavors. It will help make things a little bit more sweet, yet not too sweet!

Our to go wine for this wine spritzer recipe is Bright Cellars own Wellfleet Chardonnay! This unoaked Chardonnay has flavor notes of tropical mango, pineapple, and lemon.

Garnish: A half slide of lime with a mint sprig on top

strawberry guava spritzer graphic

Strawberry Guava

This one is the perfect blend of fruity and sweet! We recommend you enjoy this fun wine seltzer with a friend. 

First, grab some strawberry guava flavored sparkling water and then add in a sparkling rosé. Since the water will already be sweet adding in a slightly dry rosé will help ensure that it isn’t too sweet. 

Our favorite wine for this wine spritzer recipe is Bright Cellars own Petal Press Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon. The flavors of strawberry, tangerine, and honey will fit together perfectly with the strawberry guava.

Garnish: A strawberry

Blueberry acai wine spritzer recipes graphic

Blueberry- Acaí

Did you know that acaí comes from a South American tree? The tree produces small dark purple (almost black) berries. 

Blueberries have a tart fruity flavor while acaí has a more earthy fruit flavor. For these fruits find a wine that is a little bit sweeter but not too sweet. 

The best wine would be a Muscat. This wine has a slight sweetness that will not overpower the other two flavors. 

Garnish: Three blueberries on a cocktail pick

raspberry spritzer graphic


Raspberries are often described as the perfect blend of both tart and sweet. 

This wine seltzer recipe highlights that sweetness without taking away the tart flavors. Try adding a little bit of Riesling or dry Champagne to the raspberry seltzer water. Both of these will add a little bit of sweetness but not too much.

Garnish: 3-4 raspberries on a cocktail pick

Berry Mojito wine spritzer recipes graphic

Mixed Berry Mojito 

A new twist on the classic mojito drink! You’ll need to bring back that muddler or spoon for this wine spritzer as well. 

To start, add in mint, mixed berries, lime, and no-calorie sugar. Add a splash of club soda, and then muddle together. This will help blend the different flavors together.

Next, add in a Sauvignon Blanc. The berry, fruit, and citrus flavors of the Sauvignon Blanc will pair beautifully with the flavors from the mixed berries, lime, and mint. 

Garnish: 2 blackberries and 1 raspberry on a cocktail pick and/or a half a slice of lime on the side of the glass. Optional: a sprig of mint 

pineapple wine spritzer recipes graphic


A nice tropical drink for a hot summer day! The best way to enjoy this wine spritzer is with a beach chair and some sunshine. 

Sweet white Sauternes will be a perfect combination with the pineapple seltzer water. The sweetness from the tropical pineapple will go nicely with the sweetness from the Sauternes. The two flavors will not be too overpowering since they have similar sweetness levels

Garnish: A small slice of pineapple on the side of the glass or 2 slices of pineapple on a cocktail stick

Watermelon wine spritzer recipes graphic

Watermelon Basil 

This summery melon-flavor drink is great for an afternoon relaxing with friends.

Here are some things you’ll need: Watermelon, basil leaves, cucumber (optional), and lime. Put this all into a glass and muddle together. After everything is muddled, add in your plain club soda and some Spanish Sparkling Wine, also known as Cava.

Fun Fact: Cava is the Spanish word for cave. Its called that because its stored in a cave during production.

Garnish: A small watermelon wedge

lemonade wine spritzer recipes graphic

Regular or Strawberry Lemonade

Who doesn’t love relaxing on the back porch with a glass of lemonade?

Just when you think lemonade couldn’t get any more summery, we add in rosé. Add a little bit of rosé to your sparkling lemonade and enjoy the most perfect summertime drink there is!

Garnish: a lemon wedge

blood orange spritzer graphic

Blood Orange

Blood orange has a stronger flavor and smell compared to a normal orange. It is a very specific flavor and some say it even has a hint raspberry flavor too. 

The best way to make a blood orange wine spritzer would be to add a Moscato d’Asti. This zesty sweet wine will complement the flavors of the blood orange by bringing out the flavors in the seltzer water and making it more zippy and refreshing. 

Garnish: an orange slice and 3 raspberries on a cocktail pick

In Vino Finito

Do you have any other wine spritzer recipes you want to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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