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Bright Cellars is a personalized wine subscription startup located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 2015, Bright Cellars has been delivering wine matches right to our customers’ doorsteps. First, our members take our easy taste palate quiz. Then, our pairing algorithm, created by our two MIT grad co-founders, matches them to wines they’ll love.

The process is simple: take our quiz, get your matches, taste your wines, rate your wines, repeat. Sure, our wine-matching algorithm is powered by fancy formulas and complex mathematics. But behind all that math sits a Bright Cellars’ team who knows a lot about wine to help our members.

We have a staff full of winos with a passion for tasting. Over the last two years, our Wine Director has worked to educate our team on the world of wine by organizing weekly wine classes. With this knowledge, we’ve been able to provide insightful wine information to our monthly members. Lately, though, we’ve been thinking, “Why limit wine education to our members?” That’s how From the Cellar was born.

With From the Cellar we’re able to branch out and share our knowledge and passion for wine beyond Bright Cellars members. By sharing our content, we’re hoping to further educate long-time wine lovers about the wines they enjoy, and entertain novice wine-drinkers by inspiring them to try something new.

We hope you enjoy reading the variety of content produced by From the Cellar, as we try to share our passion for the world of wine with you.

If you have any questions for us, or a request for an article you’d like to see, please email concierge@brightcellars.com.

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Biz whiz and article aficionado. Helps Bright Cellars take care of bidness and provides our From the Cellar community with captivating content.
Ops king and wine wordsmith. Keeps our writers working while still managing to drop his own dope discourse about his favorite wine topics.
The Beyoncé of Bright Cellars. As Wine Director, she’s always searching for new wines for our members, but still makes time to slay at writing superb content for From the Cellar.
Photo pro and social media master. When she’s not mindfully managing a photo-shoot she’s sprinkling her creative knowledge all over our From The Cellar readers.
Blog boss and dictation top-dog. After years on the team and thousands of customer interactions, she’s got the ability to let the true From the Cellar voice shine through in any article.
Visual savant and head of design domination. Her experience designing wine labels, brand sites and more gives her the ability to whimsically weave her words into works of wine-ducation art.
This squad of wine ninjas knows all the ins-and-outs of Bright Cellars. When they’re not helping our members with their wine subscriptions, they’re contributing awesome articles for From the Cellar.

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